want to rehouse Rainbow Lorikeet

by Winnie
(Hilliard,Ohio, USA)

I have a Rainbow Lorikeet and am thinking about rehoming her. I want to travel but can't do so because bird sitters are too expensive. She is almost 3 yrs old and I've had her since she was 3 months, she's a great bird and very affectionate & loving and does get depressed when I leave on vacation but then snaps out of it after 3-4 days however I live with my daughter and her family and they take care of her while I'm gone.

My one concern is if she may get that separation anxiety and start pulling out her feathers or anything like that, or is that only in large parrots? my girlfriend would take her but she has 2 cocktails that are lovable and not aggressive & fly freely around the house and my lorie would be doing the same if she did take her but concern is would my lorie harm the other birds?

Have you ever heard of or dealt with any of these things, I want Oliver to be happy. Have you known Lories being rehoused and doing just fine and should it be with someone without other birds, younger or older people?

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Dec 06, 2016
by: Anonymous

We got our lorikeet by rehoming her. It has worked out for us, and love her. We are leaning how to best care for her everyday. Have some issues of course, but more education will help. She'll be 2 in Jan, and we've only had her 7 mths.

Aug 25, 2015
rehoming a lorikeet
by: Tracie

If your family takes care of the bird when you are gone, then I would stick with that. If you wish to rehome the bird, then please find someone that totally understands the full responsibility and actually wants the bird, not just find someone who will "take" the bird.

There is never any way of knowing if birds will get along. The only way to know is in a closely supervised environment, over a period of many days. Every day you allow the birds out together, you are there watching closely, ready to step in and break up a fight, knowing you may get bit in the process.

You might look up a lorikeet breeder, and see if they will rehome the bird for you, because they will have people that want a lorikeet, and can explain the responsibility of owning a lorikeet, so that the bird doesn't get rehomed again.

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