wanting another parakeet question

by sydney

I have a parakeet she is a little over a year old and she is lonely I want to get another parakeet to keep her company if I get another parakeet whats the safes thing to do to get another one to make sure it will not hurt her.

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Sep 29, 2012
wanting another parakeet question
by: Linda

Your question is a very intelligent one, and here is how to do this:

First, before bringing new bird home, have it examined by an Avian Vet ONLY. This is important because most birds found in pet stores have infections from stress and being around all the other birds. These infections are easy to take care of once the avian vet has diagnosed what type of infection it is. The reason for taking bird to avian vet BEFORE it comes home is that these infections are highly contageous, and your other bird will become sick if new bird is sick.

Second, have another cage for the new bird and have it all set up with natural wood perches, feed and water cups and a toy. All birds do not like all other birds, so put the cages where the birds can see each other and get to know one another. When you let them out of the cage at the same time, make sure you are right there in case there is any fighting. New bird's wings need to be clipped as it may be untamed when you get it. Have Avian Vet clip ONLY the 4-6 Primary Flight feathers, and these are the long ones at the ends of each wing. That way, the bird can coast to a landing and not fall like a rock. Remember, just the 4 to 6 primary feathers on each wing. Do NOT allow them to cut up any higher as this causes lots of pain and bird can be injured falling to the floor like a rock.

Hope this helps you, and thank you for being wise enough to ask before you bought the new bird. New bird will be a lot of company for your present bird, and both will be much happier.Later on, birds can be put together or not. Two birds in one cage requires a larger cage so each bird has plenty of room and their own food and water cups. It is okay to keep them in separate cages forever, so don't worry about it. They will be able to play together outside cages when you are there to watch them.

Thank You for writing and keep us posted,

Sep 28, 2012
Adding another parakeet
by: Tracie

You will need a separate cage for the bird because you don't know if they will get along. You will want to purchase another parakeet similar in size too.

Take the new bird to an avian vet before bringing it home to make sure it is healthy so you don't bring home a disease.

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