Warm beak and small bald patch on back of neck

by Stuart
(Brighton, UK)

My African Grey is 5 months old, he is very tame and great company. I noticed that his beak was very very warm tonight, also he has a very small patch on the nape of his neck (where he scratches?) I do use a recommended anti-mite spray abut I am wondering if either is a sign of illness.
Please help.

Many thanks

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Oct 14, 2011
Warm beak and small bald patch on back of neck
by: Linda

The spray was never meant to be used habitually and I think is poisoning your bird.

As Tracie said, get him to a licensed and trained Avian Vet and only use products that have been prescribed by the Avian Vet. Never use over the counter stuff including that found in pet stores as these can and do poison birds everyday. You may ask why they sell poison to people for their pets, well, people buy it, so until people stop buying it, they'll continue to sell it. Frankly speaking, most pet stores care more about money and far less about their human customers and their pets. I think it's called "Big Business" which does not care about users of the products just the bottom line.


Oct 14, 2011
bald patch on bird
by: Tracie

Why do you use mite spray? Is your bird kept outside, thus gets mites from wild birds?

Our avian vet here in the US says not to use mite sprays that are available in the stores, because they can cause health problems. I don't know about the UK, so please Find an Avian Vet there in the UK to check your bird and let you know if your bird is sick and if it needs any mite control products.

A bald patch could be a sign of a disease or infection, by the way. But for all I know it could be that the mite stuff is causing the bird to scratch away the feathers.

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