warm the parrots

by Aisela
(Tirana Albania)

hello,i have a little green parrot and i want to know is it good for my parrot to stay in the sun,where should i let him during winter?is it good for him staying out the window in the sun during autumn ? thanks a lot for your help

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Oct 22, 2011
When I get cold birds come in
by: Big Bird

I have an amazon, a blue and gold and an indian ringneck. I live in Florida and keep the birds on my screened porch for most of the summer. I put a fan on them when it is too hot and in the winter when the temperatures drop the birds come inside where it is warmer. My basic rule of thumb is if I am uncomfortable with the temperature so are my feathered friends.

In a window where the cage is in full sun, make sure the bird can get into a shaded area if it gets to warm.

Oct 21, 2011
warm the parrots
by: Linda

You cannot safely leave any bird in the sun because they can die from too much radiation exposure.

You have to keep your bird in the house as it is safer and also healthier in that wild birds carry disease and parasites. Keep your bird inside when it is cold and cover him if your house is also cold.


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