watery poops and diet

I have an 8 month old quaker parrot and for the past couple of weeks his poops are unusually watery. Can this be a symptom of an internal problem? I'm concerned because his diet is always changing. The Zupreem pellets give him watery poops and the bird stopped eating them.

He/She nibbles on canary seed, cooked quinoa, squash seeds (his favorite) almonds, popcorn, peas and other green vegies, and sauteed onions (another favorite).

The bird is active, appears to be healthy although he/she does fluff up alot. New feathers are constantly coming in causing him/her a little discomfort. I try my best to preen his head, neck and chin feathers. Is it normal for this constant growth of feathers or is this affected by diet?

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Jan 04, 2009
Watery poops and diet - Quaker Parrot
by: The Vet

Your bird is likely sick and needs to be seen by an avian veterinarian. Watery droppings are abnormal. Molting is normal, but could be complicated by a poor diet. ZuPreem is not a good diet. It has too much sugar and will cause the watery droppings, too. The other foods you listed are only treats and not a balanced diet. The best you can feed your bird is Harrison's pellets. This should make up 80% of his diet; the remaining 20% can be any treats. A treat is any food that is not a pellet.

Sitting fluffed and watery droppings are indications of illness. First, put a heating pad on his cage to get his ambient temperature up to 90-95ºF, then make an appointment with an avian veterinarian. Birds should visit the vet every year at a minimum whether they are sick or not. They need physical exams and vaccinations at the very least.

Dr B

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