waxy pin feathers

by Nark
(Rogers, AR)

How to help your conure with waxy pin feathers?

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Jun 02, 2011
Helping your bird preen
by: Tracie

Encourage bathing by providing a shallow dish for it to bathe in. If your bird will not bathe, then get a misting spray bottle and mist your bird.

Don't spray the bird directly, it will scare it. Spray above it and let the water fall down on it.

If your bird likes to be pet, it may let you gently "crush" individual shafts between your thumb and forefinger. Make sure it is not really hard, don't force one to break. These are blood feathers, full of blood and painful, until the sheath is ready to break and come off.

Some birds get really grumpy during a molt, so don't take it personally if the bird is nippy.

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