We clipped our sun conures wings for the first time

by Rick
(Alsip il)

Now she won't come out of her cage or step up at all. Before, she would step up before we even asked her to, and come out of her cage whenever she got the chance. Why did this happen, and will she get back to normal after the wings grow out again? Thanks

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Apr 22, 2011
Bird behavior after clipping wings
by: Tracie

The bird may be upset with you, and wonder what you are going to do next. Some people do not clip their own bird's wings for this reason. They take their birds to an avian vet or to someone experienced with clipping wings, so the bird can be mad at them and not trust them instead.

We personally clip our Bourke's wings, because they don't care. But we do not clip our Conure's wings, because they have sensitive personalities.

You just need to gain your bird's trust again, as if you just brought the bird home. I suggest that you take your bird to an avian vet or another experienced person in the future. Be VERY picky, pet store employees, for instance, sometimes are rough and can injure or kill your bird by breaking their hollow bones while trying to restrain them.

Apr 22, 2011
Wing Clipping
by: Anonymous

I have a year old cockatoo and the first time I cut her wings I experienced the same behavior. My avice would be to just ride it out. You might want to get him checked out by a vet though, because fear or attitude towards you might not be the only reason for his behavior. His wing cutters might have cut too close to the wing and complications could have happened.
People often associate wing cutting with attitude adjustments in parrots, and my advice to you would just be to ride it out. If his behavior persists, take him to the vet because he needs to be checked out.

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