Weak female Sun Conure

by Dezi Rooney

Hi, I had given a weak female Sun Conure last weak who had been mistreated by previous owners. She was bought back to the bird shop as this poor little girl needs TLC so she was given to us to have a chance to live. I was told that she might have been egg bound and appears that she doesn't have 100% usage of her leg however there are no signs of her having internal eggs anymore. She eats well and has a great appetite however she has not gain any weight as yet. What would you recommend to make her better? I give her calcium, vitamins & probotics all introduced in her water bowl & lots of variety of seeds, sprouts fresh fruit & vegetables.
Looking forward to your response, thanks...Dezi.

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Apr 06, 2010
Update For Weak Female Sun Conure
by: Dezi

Hi Linda,

Cheers for your advice, we took her to an avian vet and was told that she had bacteria all over inside her body & she was injected with antibiotics. Unfortunately she was too far gone & past away early hours this morning today. The antibiotic injection treatment would have continued for another 4-5 days but she didn't survive. It's heart breaking when you see such a lovely little bird not being looked after correctly in the first place & I honestly don't know how people can wake up & look at themselves when they cause such problems in the first place. I breed cockatiels & I am very happy to say that they are always well looked after and in perfect condition. My two handreared boys know that I am sad today & it's good to have their company. My husband felt so sorry for our loss this morning but as responsible people we tried to give this little bird a chance. Anyway thanks for your time Linda & congratulations to Tracie for having such a fab web page as this, take care.

Kindest Regards,

Dezi Rooney

Apr 02, 2010
Weak female Sun Conure
by: Linda

Dezi, thanks for writing, and PLEASE GET THIS BIRD TO AN AVIAN VET IMMEDIATELY. An abused, neglected bird is SICK and needs the immediate services of an Avian Vet BEFORE doing anything else. Tell the vet that this bird has been abused, and allow them to document this abuse in the form of xrays on the leg and other tender spots on the body for fractures that were done by abuse and then left to heal on their own or not.

This IS VERY IMPORTANT ABOUT THE DOCUMENTATION OF ABUSE AND NEGLECT. BIRD WILL NEED TO HAVE SOME BLOODWORK DONE TO SHOW WHAT SHAPE THE ORGANS ARE IN AND ITS OVERALL CONDITION. If the vet then has enough information and documentation, an abuse case can be brought against the previous owners for abuse and/or neglect. Every single case of abuse needs to be brought to light to stop this horrendous thing from happening to another bird, dog, cat or barnyard animal.

The diet you have bird on needs to be changed to a high quality organic pelleted one and Tracie carries several of the organic pellets out here. You will NOT need all the vitamins, and all the other expensive stuff if you simply feed a complete, high quality diet in the first place, and seeds are NOT a good diet with or without all the supplements. Truthfully, most birds cannot digest all the supplements anyway, so you are throwing money away that could be spent on a really great, proven diet of pellets. I recommend Harrisons as we have been feeding them to our Amazons for going on 18 years, and they are healthy and need few trips to the vet except for toenail and beak trimming.

So, make an appointment with Avian Vet and have this bird thoroughly examined and any abuse documented. Vet will give any medications necessary for any infections. Get bird onto a nutritious diet and stop with all the supplements once bird is eating the pellets readily. If vet was able to document abuse in the form of tests including xrays of bird's leg, then find out who the previous owners were and call your local Humane Society or Animal Control people so they will be able to get a proper warrant and get any other birds or animals out of there before they are hurt beyond repair. It takes a really cowardly, mean person to abuse a little bird like this, and they deserve to be fined and put in jail for this kind of behavior. It is our responsibility to document and report animal abuse anytime we see it, hear of it or are living with the results of it as is in your case.

Let us know how everything goes and thanks for writing.

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