Weak grip on my conure and behavior change

by Chun
(Boston, MA)

About 3 months ago my conure have injured it's foot with a long nail. I brought it to the vet and he said it most likely pulled a muscle and prescribe some inflammtory meds for her.

Last week similar incident happened. It's limping on one feet. This went away for the past 2 days but both of it's feet is very weak. It could stand, jump on stuffs but with the need of it's beak.

I have changed to a bigger size perch for her. Would this cause it's feet to be like that? Also when she came to me, she always playful. But for the past 2 days, she came over and sleeps on my shoulder.

It's stool looks fine, but bigger then usual since the pellet diet. It was changed and adopted about a month to two months ago since the vet visit.

If anyone can give me some advice, it will be appreciated.

Thank You

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Nov 01, 2008
Bird with weak grip
by: The Vet

It sounds like your bird may be sick. Sleeping more is often an indication. The weakness in the feet could be related to the injury, or to the nails being too long, or some other more serious condition such as articular gout or arthritis.

The larger perch is probably not causing this problem. You should find an avian specialist that can diagnose your birds problems. You should do blood work and a thorough physical exam.

Dr. B

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