Weaning an eclectus vosmaeri 5 1/2 months old is that is normal?

by RDF

My eclectus girl came home wen she was around 16 weeks old, she was "weaned" but didnt want to eat at all whne she came home, beside she was very aggresive. The vet suggested to feed her with a syringe some formula to mellow her.

Now she is almost 2 months with us and still not weaned, eats twice a day formula, the only difference is that now she eats it from a bown around one ounce or less ar night time, and hen after she eats her seeds hates pellets), and or her bean/rice mix.

The bird shop said I spoiled her and to put her down to one feeding, she still cries, ut less since I ut her to eat from the bowl no more syringe. I control her weight eey single day is around 340g, whne she came from the bird shop sh e was 265g, what can I do, I dont want to cause her problems in the future.

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Jul 22, 2012
thank you anonymous breeder
by: RDF

My Eclectus is a vosmaeri, sorry I made a mistake when she came from the bird shop she was weighting 365g not 265g.
I bought the avicakes by laferber and I am placing that add part of her breakfast, so now she isn't whining as much.
The formula on the bowl i'm placing it twice a day she now
Seems not much interest in the morning feeding, but the evening she will try to lick the bowl as possible. After she eats her formula she will eat her rice and beans, mostly Just rests the beans and one hour later wants to go to sleep.
Morning time I always place carrots, apples, mangoes or something like broccoli or , she seems not to like that.
Ths bird shop told me that not pellets were good that the seeds were better so I Bought
Their seed mix and on place some of the zupreen natural pellets no coloring in the mix.
Today after her dinning time I weight her and she was 365g,
also the bird shop told me that the weight of 460g and up she will get add more grams as she gets older.
Thank you a lot for your response, now I don't feel bad our guilty of giving her formula.I'm trying to be a good mom for her against all the odds. And I know that she know s that I'm her mom and that I luv her.thanks a lot Mr anonymous breeder you was very kind of sharing your expertise with me.:-) ,
I'll try to keep you posted on her behavior.

Jul 21, 2012
I am an eclectus breeder
by: Anonymous

If she is a Vos it's most likely your seller lied about her being weaned, or they force weaned her. A Vos is slow to wean, does NOT wean at 16 weeks old & takes approx 6 months to wean. A Vos is one of the larger sub species of eclectus. they're slower to wean, grow & mature. You can't force them to wean at 16 weeks of age as they will regress & develop behaviours as well as possible health problems.

Try offering her fresh fruit & veg in bowls for her to explore & try. She needs to to try different foods (a large variety) to prevent fussy eating. If you don't do this now you end up with a seed eating only parrot which isn't healthy for her. Offer these foods BEFORE her formula times, then top of up with formula afterwards. This is a great & very successful way for her to 'self wean' & causes less stress on both you & her during these times. this technique is the only I will ever use & I have had 100% success rate in doing this.

As for the the pet shop, ditch them!! Majority of pet shop people do not have a clue how to properly care for an Eclectus parrot. You have not spoiled her. She cries because she is starving. Keep the 2 feeds up for now, fill her up until she doesn't want any more & keep adding the other foods. If she is still crying after a good feed, she is still hungry.... Either the formula is made up wrong, too weak or needs more nutrition in it (she will be malnourished). You should also take her to see an avian vet ASAP to make sure she isn't sick & this can cause crying, behaviours, regression to formula & other problems. Get a thorough check up on her. And over time if you get your bird through this I hope you back to the shop & give them a what for for what they've done... Good luck

For a Vos eclectus she is under weight. Keep up the formula. Ask your local avian vet for a GOOD brand they will recommend of formula & how to properly feed her & get her weight gain up. IF she is a Vos, she's seriously under weight.

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