Weaning and weight loss

by Max Smith

I recently bought a baby red-lored amazon and it isn't fully weaned yet. i've had it for 4 days now and it's lost a lot of weight. i've tried hand feeding it but it won't eat. it is however eating the fruit i give it and it's trying to eat sunflower seeds. should i be concerned with the weight loss? should i force feed it formula? thank you very much

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Jun 05, 2008
Very Bad
by: Christopher

That is correct, call a breeder ASAP! I bought a baby Nanday conure from a breeder that was not yet weaned. I had him about 2 weeks and he was loosing weight the whole time. I called the breeder and was first told he wasent eating right because it was about time to be weaned and that baby will lose a little weight once they start to wean and they are getting ready to fly.

Two days later things were getting worse so I took the baby to the breeder and he was very concerned. Long shorty short...he had already lost too much weight and became mow-nurished and passed away. The night before he died he starting eating some mango I was feedign him.

Jun 04, 2008
bird losing weight
by: Tracie

Hello Max,

It is very serious for a baby bird to lose weight. Please call the breeder you purchased the bird from, or better yet a better breeder that would not sell an un-weaned bird to someone that is not a breeder.

We have a breeders list on this site if you want to try to find one in your area. You might need an avian vet because there may be a health issue.

Whatever you decide to do, get help quick. I hope everything turns out alright for you and the bird.

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