weaning bird

by jessica

my baby is now exactly 6 weeks 4 days. he has most of his feathers and he is starting to try flap his wings and fly, i am giving him formula and also pellets but he does not seem to be able to crack the shells of the seeds i feel bad for him as he tries so hard is there anything i can do to help and does this mean that he is weaning already

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Sep 30, 2011
by: jessica

he is also a wierd color he is mainly white with a very light blue and yellow what type of ringneck color would he fall under

Sep 29, 2011
weaning bird
by: Linda

You did not say what kind of bird, so I'm assuming a larger parrot. No, it is not ready to wean, and should be eating only the baby parrot hand feeding formula for now. The weaning process won't even start until around the 12th week or three months. Continue feeding him the handfeeding formula. If he likes the pellets or plays with them, he can also have those, but he'll then need drinking water, so you may wish to continue handfeeding the formula only.

Don't wean him onto seeds as this is a very poor diet for parrots and results in much sickness and not feeling well all the time. You can find organic pellets on this site which will provide a complete diet for your bird for life. He needs to be weaned onto them and not the seeds. Organic pellets are better for your bird than the junk pellets we have in the US like ZuPreem and Lafaeber's products. These both have chemicals and dyes and are dangerous and not very nutritional either.

You need to do some reading on weaning your particular type of parrot, and you can find much information by doing a search on the internet which will bring up breeders of your type of bird. They all usually have information about weaning and how exactly to go about it, so begin to search now for the information so you know how to do it.

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Sep 29, 2011
Give Him Millet
by: Joan Quinn

The best way to completely wean your baby bird is to also give him a sprig of millet. These are small seeds that he CAN eat. And they can't resist millet...they absolutely love it! Once he gets the idea, he shouldn't have any problem with seeds. Although, he doesn't need seeds if he has pellets and fresh fruit and veggies.

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