Weaning cage changed at the age of 10 Weeks old

by Asif Arain

Hi to all of you.
Last month I bought a baby grey who was 6 weeks old at the time of purchasing him and I borrowed a cage from the pet store to keep him in but after a month baby grows rapidly and become a full Congo Size Parrot (CAG) then I have to move him to the new cage which I bought a month later when the baby almost 10 Weeks old and I shift him in it but it seem to me that he doesn't like his new home (CAGE) when ever I put him inside the cage he climbs all the walls and want me to get him out although he is now 11 weeks old almost 1 week passed with his new cage but still he dont want to get in the cage... Old Cage Size was (12" Hieghtx12"widthx12"Depth Color Silver) and the new
cage size is (20" Height X 17" Width X 17" Depth Color Black) He won't Eat in his cage have tried a lot but all in vein what do you guys suggest me to do to put him inside the cage for several days...

He is a new fledgling Grey Parrot last week his weight was 499 Grams and today 21/07/2012 I checked his weight which is 446 Grams he is getting hand feeding morning,Noon and the evening what to do to make him food independent please suggest me some good no great Ideas for this Situation...Thanks a lot

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Jul 21, 2012
Weaning cage changed at the age of 10 Weeks old
by: Linda

You cannot begin the weaning process until he is at least 3 months old and 4 would be better. Weaning is a process and does not happen without a lot of work on your part. Wean him onto a high quality organic pellet and forget about seeds because all seed diets are dangerously low on all healthy nutrition and contain a lot of carbs and fat both of which make for a very unhealthy bird.

As for new cage, he felt safe in the other one and will take some time to feel safe in new one. Until he is perching all the time, he may be uncomfortable in any cage. By the way, he will need a larger cage when he is perching and ready to live full time as a real, grown up parrot. Cages the size of those for Amazons, small Cockatoos and Mini Macaws will be good for him. Birds who spend time in cage need one as large as possible and one large enough where they can spread their wings out to the sides and flap without hitting cage sides or anything in cage. This is good exercise for them.

So, to sum up, keep feeding him handfeeding formula for another month or two. Then do some reading on the internet on how to go about starting the weaning process. Wean him onto a high quality organic pellet like Harrison's found here. If you cannot get it into your country, then spend some time finding an organic pellet in your country. Junk pellets like Zupreem and Lafaebers' are not good for your bird. Weaning takes time because at first bird plays with food more than eating it, so you have to offer pellets as the main diet and only 10-15% in fruit/veggies. The Greys do not like wet fruit much, so give a bit of apple, and feed veggies that are dark orange, yellow and green. Feed NO human food because it is bad for birds and messes up their dietary balance. Birds eat bird food and people eat people food.

There are many sites with info on weaning, so during the next weeks, get busy reading about other people's experiences with it.All birds are unique and so all methods will not work for all birds. This is where knowing your parrot comes in, so get to know him very well, and you'll do fine. Also birds are like children, and we have to encourage them to eat right. Birds, like children, will eat any number of things not good for them, so your job is to offer only the healthiest food you can find. He will be fine so long as he knows you are in charge and have his best interests at heart.

Also, before weaning, your bird needs to be examined by an Avian Vet as infections are common with baby birds. If he is not healthy, he will not want to wean at all, so make sure he's taken to an AVIAN VET ONLY. Dog and cat vets do not know anything about treating birds and sometimes kill them with incorrect diagnosis and meds.

You're doing great, and keep up the good work! Thanks for writing and keep in touch,


Jul 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

Please please i do hope you are not planning on switching him back to his old cage, or even keeping him in the one he is in now...it is cruel!!!... I have a Grey and her cage is 32"long x 23" wide and over 5 ft tall which i believe is just average MINIMUM for a Grey.. I compare to what I have her in now (in human terms) is like living in an average sized bed room, plenty of perch space, food and water dishes, and room for toys etc. In a human perspective what I would compare your bird is like living in a closet! How can you possibly fit all his necessary food and water dishes, multiple perches and toys in a cage made for a parakeet sized bird?! Sorry, I just think the first thing you need to do is purchase a LARGE cage... Maybe he is unhappy in there because he is feeling trapped!!! Please please please for the mental and physical well being of your bird get him a PALACE!!! These intelligent birds deserve it!!!!!

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