weaning,water and spices

URGENT ADVICE NEEDED.I Started weaning my nearly 3 month old baby alexander a while ago.he loves eating all kinds of food.i try adding water to everything but there are some solid foods he eats as is so i am concerned should i start giving him water separately? how often should i give him? i tried giving him some from a spoon but he jst shakes it out of his beak and im worried about aspiration pneumonia. also is it safe to give him spiced food? like an omelete i made for myself containing a normal amount of salt and red chilli powder and other food i eat which is salted and spiced?any replies will be greatly appreciated. thankyou very much!

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Apr 22, 2013
Bird help in Pakistan
by: Tracie

We can not guide you because we don't know what is available there. Please contact an avian vet in Pakistan, because they DO know how to care for birds in your country.

On our Find an Avian Vet page it lists...

PAKISTAN (Lahore) Furqan Awan - furqan_awan18@yahoo.com

Apr 22, 2013
by: mash

Thankyou both of you for all the info!really appreciate it! Forums are my only source of info!I should have mentioned I live in pakistan :( nothing u mentioned is available here plus NO AVIAN VETS.its a miracle if u can find a normal vet. Went to find pellets but not available anywhere. Will try again today.heard of a place that sells them. He wants nothing but eggs ever since he tasted that damned omelete so I only give him some at 7 am. Simple boiled egg. He used to eat everything I gave him which was mostly a mush of boiled carrots peas chickpeas and a tiny bit of whole grain bread. But now wont eat anything except egg(also loved simple steamed fish but iv given only twice and won't give anymore according to your advice)Maybe its cuz he wants to lose weight to fly. He can fly quite far and high now. Gna trim his wings when hes fully flighted in a week or so.do u think thats ok?been weighing him on gram scale. Weight pretty much constant so far. He has started to lick at the water thankgod. Its difficult but I manage to put it right against his beak and he tries lapping like a dog lol. He is getting some water separately at least. I try to add as much to his food as possible.
Already have the nicest possible cage u can get in pak. It has a perch and a swing and ladder and yup he can climb around and is always sitting on the highest level.
He won't eat mushed food on his own. Will only eat sunflower seeds and boiled peas on his own and those he just pecks to peices. Doesn't eat them much actually,I always find them grinded to peices in the food bowl.can't manage his beak yet nor grasp anything with his claw although he tries desperately. He eats everything off a finger I hold in front of him.
Absolutely loves fruits esp strawberry but I give him very little in case he gets diarrhea.

So my main problem now is getting him to eat sumthng apart from eggs and drink water.can I give him cooked marrow? My Indian ringnecks love it.and what about boiled potato?

Also I just started leaving cheerios,almonds, some seeds and boiled corn and peas in his cage so that he'd start slowly eating on his own but that reduces his appetite and he doesn't take his mush feeds.so should I take that stuff out?

Will be extremely thankful if you guys could spare some time and guide me on the above problems.

Apr 21, 2013
by: Alex

Your capital lettered words show that this is urgent, and so should not have been posted on this site. The bird should be taken to an avian vet. Especially if he is not taking water.

The avian vet will be able to give you the correct advice and check the bird over.

Get to a vet ASAP.

Apr 20, 2013
weaning,water and spices
by: Linda

No spices, no salt, no sugar and no eggs. You need to begin weaning him onto organic pellets like Harrisons found here. Get the correct grind size for your bird. All seed diets are starvation diets and birds stay unwell and subject to all kinds of infections eating all seed diets. While feeding Harrisons, feed no animal protein or other junk food like any kind of human foods. Feed 80-85% Harrisons pellets and only 10-15% fruit/veggies which means small amounts several times a week. Feed only the dark green, yellow and orange veggies. He probably won't eat much fruit anyway, so don't worry about that.

Put him into a cage now so he can begin learning how to get around by climbing and sitting on safe wood natural branch perches. Take all wooden dowels out and replace with the branch perches. These can be found in many online pet shops who have bird supplies. Make sure basic diameter fits your bird's feet. Measure inside cage measurements so they fit correctly. They come with an inside and outside washers with hanger bolts through them.

Put fresh, filtered water into a regular water cup inside cage. You can begin to feed weaning food in a food cup inside cage. Until he is able to start climbing and sitting perches easily keep cups at a lower placement. Make sure cage bottom has a grate the correct size for his feet.

To sum up, no spices, herbs, human foods, drinks and absolutely no human junk food or pellets like ZuPreem or Lafaebers because they contain dangerous chemicals, dyes and sugars that harm bird's health. Also never feed anything with processed table sugar in it as this can kill your bird very quickly as does salt. birds have simple digestive systems and need a high quality, perfectly balanced organic pelleted diet. Harrison's is one of the best, and there are a few others found here. Keep in mind, he is what he eats and drinks so make sure these are high quality, clean and safe.


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