Weight Loss in birds

by Patricia Harris

Hi I took my Lovebird to an avian vet yesterday and unfortunately he passed away. We're doing a neocropsy. The waiting is making me a wreck.

I recently had a Parrotlet die of weight loss?
The vet checked the droppings normal? The bird was weak. He was eating. No seeds and feces on bottom of cage. When the vet took the bird mucus came out of mouth.

I am a wreck. I have other birds and I am one of the unlucky patients who had two wrong side surgeries (brain tumor) from RI hospital, the vet is concerned about my health.
PDD etc? The waiting is killing me?
What do you think?
thank you

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Feb 18, 2008
Birds die of weight loss question
by: The Vet

Birds don't die just from weight loss. The weight loss is a symptom of the disease, not the disease itself. If there were no droppings and he lost weight, then he was not eating. He was not eating because he was sick and hopeful the necropsy will determine the cause of the sickness. The mucus in the mouth may have been unrelated to his cause of death and merely a postmortem finding.

PDD is possible, but not likely. If you want to send me the necropsy results I can interpret them for you if you have any questions. (Contact Tracie using the contact form.)

Dr. B

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