weight loss in Souance Conure

by Kathy

My 10 yr old conure has appeared to lose weight about a yr or two ago. Around the same time I put him on a recommended pelleted diet. He did not eat much of the pelleted food and after 6 months I put him back on a seed diet along with dried fruits & nuts as well as fresh fruits and veges along with table food. He is otherwise healthy. Except for the fact that I can feel his breast bone. Should I be concerned? The avian vet wanted $2oo.- to check him out?!

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Jun 01, 2008
Conure weight loss
by: The Vet

Weight loss is always a concern. It should be checked out. At least a physical exam, but I recommend annually to have blood work and cloacal Gram’s stain, as well as vaccinations.
You should be feeding your bird pellets. The best one is Harrison’s. When switched correctly, birds will eat this pellets within a few days and they love so they eat it well. The diet you are describing (seeds, fruits, veggies is not a complete and balanced and will cause nutritional deficiencies and health problems.

Do you have a scale that you can weigh him regularly? If so, make the switch again to a good pellet (Harrison's), and monitor his weight and droppings.

You should however, have him seen first to be sure this is not more than just dietary.

How is his behavior? Is he vocalizing normally? Is he playing and moving in his cage?

Dr B

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