Weight on cockatoos

by diamondtia

I have 6 cockatoos, 5 goffins and a citron. I weighed them the other day and here is their weight per bird. I was wondering if these are good weights for my babies.

1 male goffin - 288 grams - age 19 years old
1 male goffin - 258 grams - age 14 years old
1 female goffin - 252 grams - age 7 years old
1 female goffin - 250 grams - age 9 years old
1 female goffin - 248 grams - age 16 years old
1 citron cockatoo -387 grams - age 16 years in december


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Oct 17, 2011
Weight on cockatoos
by: Anonymous

Yes, that makes sense. Two of my goffins seem taller, one is a female, dna'ed. One is a male.

As far as avian vets go, I live in NB, Canada and there are NO avian vets in the Atlantic provinces. There use to be one in Nova Scotia but he is no longer there. The closest avian vet is Quebec.

Oct 17, 2011
Average cockatoo weight
by: Tracie

Only your avian vet, that examines your birds in person, can tell you the proper range for each individual bird. We weigh our birds to see if they are drastically losing or gaining weight AFTER our avian vet tells us what each specific bird weighs. Losing or gaining is an indicator that we need to take our bird to the avian now, as opposed to waiting on the yearly check up.

My Goffin might have a weight within the "normal" range but that doesn't mean it is not overweight or unhealthy. Does that make sense? It depends on the build and sometimes the gender of the bird.

Average Goffin weight is 221-386 grams

Average Citron Cockatoo is 355-425 grams

Here is our Find an Avian Vet link if you do not have an avian vet to examine your birds and tell you what a healthy weight is for each individual bird.

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