Weird Cockatiel Behavior

Hi! I'm new here. I have a six month old female pearl cockatiel. Recently, she has been backing into a corner/sitting by a wall/ my neck (when she's on my shoulder) and fluffing her feathers. She looks very nice and comfortable, but when anyone tries to approach her with their hand she will open her mouth/hiss/nip at you.Sometimes she will start to sway. I don't know if it's a nesting or territorial behavior since she's pretty young. She's usually really sweet and will snuggle up in your arms for a head scritch while your watching TV or sitting on the couch. She's friendly to everyone and has never been aggressive. Anyways, this weird behavior only happens really rarely, but I just want to understand it. This is my first bird and I really hope that some of you can help me out!

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Feb 24, 2018
Maybe hormonal, might be something else
by: Tracie

It's hard to know what is causing this, it could be hormonal, it could be she is protecting you as her "mate" or favored person. If you are the favored person, then you can teach her to tolerate others, but you also need to balance others respecting her wishes too. Please read some of the articles on the training pages.

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