Weird sun conure behavior

by Kelly
(Eastern, NC)

I've had a nanday for like two years now so i'm decently versused in typical conure behaviors but I just resuced a sun conure and have a few questions. It's a year old supposedly but doesn't know how to step up, and she's very hand flighty. You have to reach and grab her but after you get her she's fairly calm. She's not banded and I wondered if i got a nest raided bird or if some backyard breeder just didn't band her.

She hangs from her cage top by one foot upside down almost like a bat and flaps her wings really hard. I've never seen my nanday do this and she does it all the time so i was just wondering what it means. Also what is the best way to go about teaching an older bird who is very skittish to step up. We've been letting her watch my nanday step up and get tons of preening from us but she has a huge flee reflex. We've got her to start taking pieces of nut from our hands so that is something. Mainly just wondering about the wierd bat like behvior she does.

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May 27, 2011
Conure hangs upside down
by: Tracie

Honestly, it sounds like you are doing pretty good with her. :-) I have heard of other conures that like to do the bat thing, so all is good there. They are funny clowns.

It takes time to earn their trust sometimes. We have some training information on our Parrot Training page that you can read for help with encouraging new behaviors.

Basically all the training is just positive reinforcement. You ignore the unwanted behavior and reward the behavior you want. The trick is finding out the reward that means the most and what the bird really hates that you can do that will communicate that you don't like the unwanted behavior sometimes.

For instance, my bird HATES to be returned to the cage and have the door shut. If the bird nips at another bird that is out, the bird gets returned to the cage, door shut and I turn my back on the cage for a couple of minutes. Then I turn around and offer for the bird to come back out. I know this is NOT your issue, but it is the best way I know how to describe what I mean about finding out what the bird hates. I certainly don't want anyone to get the idea that they should do anything that would cause the bird to distrust them or that would hurt the bird.

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