Werid Parakeet noises with beak

by danny
(los banos, ca, usa)

When my parakeet sits on its perch it sometimes makes weird crunching noises with its beak, is this normal??

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Aug 05, 2011
Werid Parakeet noises with beak
by: Linda

Danny, next time, before you write, sit down for a while and make a note of ALL the questions you may have about your bird, and after you have several lines of notes written, then ask us all of them at once. This is better for us and better for you as well.

As for the beak noise, this is the bird cleaning his beak by rubbing top and lower mandible together to remove stuck food. You will also see him rubbing his beak on his perches, so keep his cage clean by wiping his perches down with just plain warm water and a cloth.

I strongly suggest you get some books about the parakeets (budgies) so you know how to keep your bird happy and healthy. There are books on caring for birds on this site, and the internet is full of information about birds too. It is your job to learn all you can about your pet so you can take the best care of him. It's called "homework", so get busy with your studies about your bird, and it is a lifetime learning experience! It is also a LOT of FUN!


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