what a smart parrot

by Ronnie
(Rigaud, Quebec, Canada)

my inside pet menagerie

my inside pet menagerie

We just got our Senegal Parrot. Not from a breeder but from a person who bought the parrot from a reputable breeder.

He (we think he is a 'he') is 6 months old and sooooo smart! We just love him. He is mostly out of his cage (which is in the kitchen) and will fly down and walk over to my office, where he proceeds to climb up my leg to get to my shoulder. he sits on my little dog's back. He is not enamoured with our other dog, a sweet gentle Boxer, and likes to scare him by bopping him on the nose with his beak.

From what I can see, it is really important to buy your bird from a reputable breeder. He has been raised to be unafraid and to like humans. I was lucky to find him as I did not know one thing about parrots except what I read on the internet.

Editor's note for people who read this: I hear about birds that were fine with dogs and/or cats for years and then suddenly the dog or cat killed the bird. It only takes a second, and the bird is dead.

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Jan 25, 2011
Look before sitting down
by: Anonymous

My niece just adored her parrot who whistled the John Phillip Sousa March, but somehow he was asleep on a couch cushion and she sat on him and killed him. She was unconsolable about it. Be sure to look behind you before sitting.

Oct 11, 2010
Bird's and Dog's
by: Anonymous

I had a Mexican Redhead and a Yellow Lab for years they spent everyday together. The Redheads cage was on the patio and the door was always open, he would come out and spend all day on the playpen. Him and Corky would play all the time. Well one day we went on a day outing when we got home all we had was a big old Yellow Lab, and feather's.

Dec 07, 2009
teflon fumes
by: Anonymous

you have to be careful if your bird is in the kitchen as some teflon fumes can be fatal to them.

Jul 28, 2009
evil bird
by: Anonymous

my senegal kiwi is 5 months old. she attacks my dog. i have a bichon frise. its pretty funny watching it but when she gets to close i have to get her and i get bit for interupting her hunt. my poor dog lol ah i lovee my babys

Apr 12, 2009
You seemed very blessed!
by: Victoria

It seems to me like you have an adorable, fluffy, chubby little baby! Keep up the good work with taking care of him! I think it is very smart that you percautioned readers about having your birds near other pets, this might even help someone be more careful with their little feathered friends. I hope there are many more years of love and affection with you and your bird!

Feb 05, 2009
Dogs and their Birds

I love your story. I have an 8 month old senegal (Pancho) and he loves my great dane Monroe. She is a fantastic dog, but I always keep a close eye on them when they play. The dog rolls on her back when she sees Pancho coming to play. Pancho crawls on her back, bites her wiskers, and manicures her toe nails. Monroe is not too fond of the manicure, and if Pancho doesn't stop after a couple of minutes, the dane gets up and hides behind me. Pancho, of course always comes running after her.
Animals are so wonderful. Thank you for the story.

Jan 14, 2009
family harmony
by: Jen

I have a Boxer, Dakota, and many birds. My Cockatiel & Jenday are often out of their cages...if for whatever reason they fly to the floor...My dog will whine until I put them back on their playstand. If I am not in the room he will come and find me and whine until I follow him and pick the birds up! I would not trust any other dogs around them, but am very thankful for Dakota and his concern for our feathered family members. I have a bird feeder outside our window, poor Dakota will watch the birds and whine when he sees them on the ground!

Sep 25, 2008
Re:What a smart bird
by: Kralice4u

I loved the story and the picture!
I am a Conure Breeder and I wanted to comment about dogs and birds living together.
It is true that dogs can attack your bird one day, but I just wanted to give you a little bit of encouragement.
I have been breeding various birds for nearly 30 years. I have also had various dogs in the home at the same time. I have NEVER had an incident where my one of my dogs attacked one of my birds. I have had dogs that varied from Pit bulls to Chihuahuas.
The only thing that I would suggest is to monitor when all animals are together. If you have any doubts, do not leave your dogs alone with your birds. I always close off the "Bird" room when I leave the home. I also close cages (for the birds that are not in the "BIRD" room) when I leave the home. Don't make a big deal over your bird as opposed to your dog. Be sure to include your dog in activities (time together with your bird).
This keeps the dog from becoming jealous of your bird. I am truly a witness that animals of different species can live harmoniously under one roof! If anything, you may need to protect your dogs from your bird!
I hope that you will have as harmonious an environment as I have!

Aug 20, 2008
Protect your bird!
by: Tellie

I like your story and your picture. I just hope you protect your bird from those dogs! One bite and he's history.

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