what about the baby

by nell
(san antonio)

i have an adult male cockatiel i just adopted a female 12wk cockatiel will the male hurt the baby

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Jul 24, 2010
what about the baby
by: Linda

Yes, the older male may hurt the new bird. Keep both birds in separate cages for a while until they get to know each other. When you put them together, be sure to have a cage big enough for both of them. They need a cage with separate feeding and watering stations to prevent fighting over food. For now, keep them separated.

When letting them out of their cages, make sure you are right there the whole time they are out in case any fighting or aggressive bahavior happens. Cockies are normally very peaceful birds, so just allow them to get used to one another while under supervision. If you have not taken your new bird to an Avian Vet, then you must do so immediately as most new birds are either already sick or harboring an infection. If you wait too long, the male will also be infected so it will cost you double. If they are close to each other now, he may already be infected. There is a link here for finding an Avian Vet if you don't know where one is. The yellow pages are a good resource for finding an Avian Vet. Take birds to ONLY AN AVIAN VET as dog and cat vets are not licensed or trained in caring for birds and will either not do anything with them or do the wrong things. Don't take any chances and take birds to Avian Vet.

Thanks for writing and congrats on your new baby Cockie as they are some of the most loving of the parrot families,

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