What age: Rainbow lorikeets end handfeeding

by Connor
(Cairns, QLD, Aus)

What age do you take hand raised lorikeets off 3 meals a day. And what age do you start feeding them fruit and other food that you would feed adult Lorikeets.

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Jan 20, 2012
What age: Rainbow lorikeets end handfeeding
by: Linda

You cannot begin the weaning process until bird is a minimum of 3 months old. Weaning is a process, so you will continue to handfeed during the weaning process. Wean your bird onto a high quality organic pellet and not seeds. Harrisons is the best and is carried here if you can get it into your country. If not, find an Avian Vet and ask about a good organic brand of bird pellets because all the other pellets have dyes, sugars, preservatives and other dangerous chemicals and will hurt your bird.

You'll need to do a search on the internet for exactly how to go about beginning the weaning process and how many times a day to continue feeding. Usually, it's two times a day until you see bird eating a lot of pellets which should be 80-85% of total diet with the rest in small amounts of fruit/veggies. Most times, the birds themselves start refusing to eat as much handfeeding formula as they used to. This means they are eating quite a bit of regular food like the pellets. When this happens, you can cut handfeeding down to one time a day. If baby insists and begins beginning for food toward end of day, then feed a syringe and see if he eats it all. If not, cut feeding down to half a syringe for the evening meal if he's eating good during the day. Weaning is a process and cannot be done overnight just like with human babies.

The internet search you'll do would be weaning Rainbow Lorikeets. Remember that the high quality pellets should be majority of any parrot's diet, so keep this in mind while reading for information. Home cooked meals are not usually balanced diets unless you are a trained nutritionist, so the best way to get balanced nutrition is to feed a high quality organic pelleted diet with a few veggies added for variety. You'll need to use no vitamin/mineral supplements if feeding Harrison's.

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