What are baby Green Cheeked Conures like?

by Tracie

Buddy the Normal Green Cheeked Conure

Buddy the Normal Green Cheeked Conure

I recently had someone ask me what to expect when they bring home their new baby bird. It was late and I was tired, but these are the things I came up with.

Widget is my Yellow-Sided Green Cheeked Conure and Buddy is my Normal Green Cheeked Conure.

I just thought I would share my limited experience with my two GC's. When they were babies, lots of different things happened that don't happen now.

1) I guess they were skinny, because they would fall through the bottom of the grate on the cage sometimes. Maybe they just squeezed through to get to the paper, I don't know really. I had to put a different grate on the bottom for the first couple of weeks until they fattened up.

2) They were very clumsy and would fall off things the first few weeks.

3) It didn't seem they knew what they toys were for and I thought they would never learn to play.

4) They were so desperate to be with me, they would always dive off the cage to the floor and come running to me. Once they discovered toys, they rarely do this unless I ignore them when they are obviously trying to get my attention.

5) Buddy went from loving me to hating me in a day's time. Now, about 9 months later, he is starting to like me again. I am, and have always been, the one who feeds them every day. Buddy just decided he liked my daughter and husband better. It didn't change my love for him and I did not take offense. Birds will be birds and they will also read your body language and I promise you they read your mind too!

6) From now until one of you die, your bird will always feel your tension, anger, peace and happiness. Every time my daughter comes in tense and calmly starts telling me her woes, the birds go nuts squawking and carrying on. They feel something is wrong.

7) These birds are NOT quiet when they want our food or attention. Do not believe the text books about GC's being quiet. I can hear my birds 70 feet away through 3 closed doors, 5 rooms away when they are trying to call me back.

8) Both birds went through a nippy stage and Buddy is still nippy, but rarely bites. (Unless you don't pay attention to his body language, then you deserve it!)

9) Both birds will protect their cage. If I want to change out food or toys in the cage without letting them climb out first, I have to wear long sleeves and be really quick so my hands don't get beak holes in them. They bring blood. Sweet and cuddly once out of the cage though.

Well, that's my list. Does anyone else have something to add for future Green Cheek owners?

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Aug 29, 2017
All my baby does is sleep eat and cuddle!
by: Tikki's mom

I have had my baby conure for 4 days- she is 8 months old- and all she eats is those seeds- she won't eat any other kind of food right now- she doesn't play much- she just eats, and cuddles- and sleeps.. she is so sweet!

May 04, 2017
baby conure
by: Anonymous

i just got a baby conure, the first day she was very quiet and didnt do much, but the second day she seemed to all of a sudden love me so much it was weird, she would try to fly to me off a table but she wasnt a good flyer yet so she just fell most of the times she tried, so i gave her cuddles and stuff but then at the end of the day when i put her in the cage she would get realy mad at me whenever i went near the cage, but if i took her out of the cage she was fine. its only been a couple days after so far and not much has changed really

Editor's note: Many birds become territorial of their cages, our conures would attack us if we put our hands in their cages but loved to be out with us once away from the cage. Visit the Parrot Training page for training help, doweling is allowing your bird to step up on a dowel or perch you are holding instead of your hand or arm.

Aug 16, 2015
by: Anonymous

My seven week old sun conure won't sleep. He's just squaking and running around the cage, now I'm not sleeping! How do they normally sleep?

Jun 28, 2015
Trying to figure out what happened
by: Gonzales

We bought a yellow conure yesterday and today it has died. We bought all the food and things the bird store suggested. The man who sold it to us said it was 6 weeks old.

May 12, 2015
baby torquoise green cheek conure
by: James Koch

Got this annoying rodent a week ago. Its 4weeks old now I'm feeding it matter formula. Its noisy, irritating and won't shutup ever. Always making a lot of noise. I hate this bird. I've had birds my entire life nd have a Jenday that is so sweet and loving, also have a regular green cheek and he's awesome. I hate this bird, it's always so loud and trays to fly away I'm about to feed it to a cat. I'll never buy another one.

Editor's note: Please contact your breeder, or another breeder, and let them find a new home for this bird.

Apr 30, 2014
My 7week old GC & my 17month old GC
by: Heather

I have a 17month old GC name Dooby, he's going through puberty & always wants to be with my 7week old GC name Nana. I let them play & cuddle with my supervision but then he starts trying to mate with her & I seperate them (which they hate) she kinda acts like she wants too, but I really don't know if it's okay to have my baby conure around him if he's maturing. Should I wait for her to get a little older before I let them hang out together?

Aug 30, 2013
by: Gcc owner

Hi I have a green cheek conure that is mostly tame but I want her to step up but she is scared of my hand so she won't step up I've only had her for 3 days so that's understandable but she will eat of my hand how can I get her to onto my hand please help. PS. What is doweling

Editor's note: In the future if you want people to see and answer, you need to post a question, not an answer here to another question, on our Parrot Questions page. Visit the Parrot Training page for training help, doweling is allowing your bird to step up on a dowel or perch you are holding instead of your hand or arm.

Apr 13, 2013
Two male conures
by: Anonymous

At the time we have two male conures, our newest is a pearly and he will be one year old in July. We already had a cinnamon male conure which we have had for about 6 months prior to getting our new conure. We have tried many things to get them to be friends but side by side in their own cage seems to be the best. They peck each other and really start to fight when they are together. On the playtop, flying together or sharing a piece of fruit or millet. I have talked to a reputatable breeder and she told me that they are dominant males and maybe will never get along for that reason alone. I have tried and tried to make them at least like each other but side by side in their own cages is best for each of their protection. I was hoping that they would be lifetime buddies. If you have any suggestions or comments I would greatly appreciate them. Thank you for reading.

Editor's note: Here is the Parrot Training page link. In the future if you want people to see and answer, you need to post a question, not an answer here to another question, on our Parrot Questions page.

Jan 26, 2013
Our Baby GCC
by: Anonymous

We bought/rescued our baby bird from a poorly managed pet store about a month ago. His side wings and tail feathers had been horribly clipped and he looked extremely sad. My husband and I were passing through the town and had stopped there just to kill time. We fell in love and had to rescue that little bird. We had lost our loving dove the year before so we were experienced bird owners though we had no clue about a hard billed bird.
We had been told that our Squeaky was 9 months old but had only been in the pet store for three weeks. They could not tell us where he had been in the months before so needless to say he has been a shy "baby" bird. The vet told us that he is very young but we don't know his real age. He is extremely shy but has really taken to my husband and me. The first three days that he was with us all he did was eat non stop. A real chow bird which took us by surprise because our dove never did anything like that. The second week he took to snuggling with us and by the third week he was eating a proper conure diet and eating only a few times a day rather than all day long. This week he finally started "talking" and preening consistently. He squeaks to let us know that he is about to poop and we quickly move him to his poop mat. He is still extremely shy and won't come out of his cage unless my husband or I take him out. We have tried to let him come out on his own but he won't. I suspect that he had almost no human contact for the first few months of his life and is still getting used to us. We have bought him every kid of toy under the sun but he won't play with anything other than my elastic hair ties and hoodie strings. I hope that eventually he learns how to play and hop around. He does not bite but he loves to chew on wet wash cloths. He had his first shower probably in his life last week and he loved it. He now washes his face every day. I have to say that he is just as loving as my hand raised dove was but boy getting him to trust has been a challenge. I took out some scissors the other day and he saw them in my hand and went crazy. Poor little guy. I can only imagine what horrors he went through before we adopted him. It is very encouraging to read everyone else's experience with their new birds and they give me hope that soon this little guy will come to love and trust us just like we love and trust him.

Jan 17, 2013
I just got my green cheeked conure!
by: Jacob Neil

I got my GCC 3 days ago and it seems like a really nice bird. I was going to get a cockatiel, but when we went to the parrot store we met the GCC's and fell in love. My mom likes them because they're pretty quiet. I really love mine and named it Sampson, and he climbs up on my shoulder but it's hard to get him back off. Any Ideas?

Also, Sampson is a real people bird, and loves pretty much everyone he's met so far. But one problem was that he bit my dad's ear pretty bad, and wouldn't let go. He really likes millet spray though, so that's one way to get him off. Should I wait to teach him tricks until he's older? How do you know if it's a boy or a girl?
Overall, I would recommend a GCC to just about anyone I know.

Jan 07, 2013
Toby our little green cheek
by: Katherine

Hello, we got our little bundle of joy in May 2012, he was 6 weeks old, so yes I became mommy to Toby right away...baby bird food fed through a dropper...what fun! No feathers. Our seller recommended we start by putting him in a small clear box with cloth to keep him warm and a way to watch him, which we did. As he grew we allowed his 'nest' to grow with him. We have now attached it to his cage(or as he calls it, his bedroom)! We did not attach it till he had feathers to stabilize him on the floor of his 'bedroom'. By 6 months he was hopping and trying to fly (flapping very hard). He is now almost 3 years old and has a extended vocabulary including words we never taught him like 'stay still' he told me this one day when I was all over the house cleaning and all he wanted me to do was sit and cuddle him!
He of course knows his name, come here, stop fighting (which he says to the grandkids), good morning, I love you, bath time, and many more words. He is also putting sentences together and he puts up a good argument! 'Am not' I say 'yes you are' he says 'Am not' and so on....
First time...very funny, now not so much. Ha! They are wonderful companions to say the least, they will throw you off balance all the time with what they say and do. They are smart do not let their size fool you.
We are now looking into getting another one to keep him company when we can't.

Dec 03, 2012
OMG we have a Widget
by: Marcus and Tanya

Wow we named our conure Widget to. Well he named himself. Kept walking around saying widget widget. Hey ever had any problems with. Your birds pulling your hair out?

Oct 25, 2012
Humm, I kinda disagree but,
by: Ross

I found my yellow sided green cheek conure in a tree. I came outside for a smoke and heard very strange squaking unlike a normal outdoor bird. I peeked up in the tree to find this amazing looking bird. I climbed up a 8 foot metal box and waited for him to come to me. He took to my finger once and then jumped off. I lit up a smoke and convinced him to try again. I had to clamp his toe to save him then I held him to my chest. I called a kid over to hold him while I got down. The kid said he didn't want to get bit. I hurried it and jumped off the box backward trying to hold my grip but sliced my fingers open and fell from 5 feet up. I let the bird free in my apt as my fingers stang so bad I almost cried at 26 years of age.
I have always had the dream of having a bird run free in a place I lived in. I realize the dangers and am very VERY cautious. I once fell asleep next to a bird and well... :( Very sad day for me. So I put him in the bathroom when I need to go outside or cook or anything. I also have to mind the fan. I don't have any other pets and I am in a studio apt. This bird is so quiet he out does any of my previous birds in not being noisey. I just talk to him. If he keeps chirping at the same level I ask why? I noticed he has 3 different chirps when he is trying to say something. No, Yes, And like a maybe or neutral chirp. I had some friends come over and they said it was the quietest bird they have seen. Also, He doesn't bite me. but He does bite people he doesn't like. Anyways, hope this helps. I named him "Fandango" after the movie with Kevin Costner. (Means foolish act)

Jun 26, 2011
My Buddy Goober
by: Vancouver

Goober has been with me for over 10 years now
She probably knows me better then anyone.

We have had our battles of wills and fights over territory but after I surrendered the bathroom
and installed appropriate toys and an entertainment system peace was declared.

She is a remarkably well behaved little heathen that knows the meaning of shush and responds with
I don't care!

I have never really tried to mold her behavior being quite content to let a bird be a bird,
We pick up phrases from one another and find
context we agree on..."what you doing means"
you better take me with you! Conversely our phrase for I'm happy I can not spell as its in Conure.

No parrot owner could ever deny the uniqueness
of creatures as individual beings they have ALL
the emotions we do and express them much the same way we do... Soft nothings say I love you in bird as well.

My tip besides the water bottle spray gun behind the towel safe zone rule would be ...beware the double tap. Goober bites twice one for the toy one for whatever she's sitting on so watch that second downward chomp.

BTW the spray gun comes out when she gets loud
there are rules to the game ...at this stage she ignores the water but plays to amuse me.

There is nothing funnier then arguing with an angry parrot I'm sure she swears at me in her own way the body language certainly says get stuffed.

Anyway enjoy and love your bird and they will repay you in ways you can't imagine they are empathic little heathens.

May 29, 2011
this is the price
by: Anonymous

yes a green cheek conure will be prob from 250 to 450 and that is dollars

Mar 08, 2011
Diet, appropriate medical care and love
by: The Bald Canadian

I will tell you what a GCC can be like: I purchased Titus from a local petstore (not that a petstore is an appropriate place to buy a bird) when he was 5 weeks weaned. I took him home and he had been eating some junk food with lot of shit seeds mixed in with a little sugar-laiden coloured pellets. He was baically a seed junky. I took him to an avian specialist in Southern California, where we reside, and dicovered that he was severely low in blood iron, calcium, and was underweight. Following medical advice I switched him to Harrion' High potency and provided him with a teaspoon of safe organic fruits and veggies per day. After two weeks it was as though I had a new bird. He began and finished his first moult with ease, his new feathers came in lustrous and rich in tone, he started acquiring speech, and his overall disposition radically improved. Now at one year old, Titus has learned how to CLEARLY say over 50 words/phrases, has no bald patches, inqusitively plays with whom he comes into contact, and has perfect bloodwork. He has become the greatest companion and playmate. I think I love him more than my husband (he sure listens better).

May 13, 2010
To Alicia and others
by: Melle

I think that the biggest cage one can afford (the bigger the better) for conures is fine. They are just adorable pets.

As for pricing here in Canada, I paid $300.00 for mine but I was a member of that pet shop. Most places here sell them for $400-$500. I think they are around $150.00-$200.00 in the US. I'm not sure about other countries.

May 12, 2010
do they talk????
by: Anonymous

I am looking to buy baby GCC from www.parrotcare,com its about £225. But are they able to talk???

Editor's note: Please post your question as a new question instead of an answer so others will see your question. Some GC's talk, but they have such squeaky voices that people don't usually understand them.

May 12, 2010
by: Samantha

My bird (Kiwi)is very nice and he loves to go on my solder and play with my hair like right now!

May 08, 2010
i likier
by: Anonymous

i got a baby conjure it is biting me why?

Editor's note: Please post your questions a new questions instead of an answer to another question. Also, please read the parrot training information on our Parrot Training page.

May 05, 2010
When to stop hand-feeding baby green cheek?
by: luna

Hi, I got a baby green cheek conure about 3 weeks ago and it is almost 3 months old.. When can I stop hand-feeding it? Thanks.

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Mar 19, 2010
2 Green Cheek Conures
by: Melle

I have an 11 month old GCC and her name is Kiwi. She is a doll and does love to preen my hair and walk around on my shoulders. She has her nippy periods during the day. I think it's the only inconvenience of GCCs as they are nippy birds.

She's a pretty good girl though. She does like to fly on the budgie cage though..I figured she was lonely so I bought her a little friend. The guy at the shop says it's a little male. I don't care either way cause Kiwi will surely love him. The new baby is almost 6 weeks old and will arrive in 2-3 more weeks. I will keep him in a separate cage near her and gradually introduce them. When I see that they can spend a couple of whole days in the same cage, I'll try letting them spend the night and so on.

They are adorable birds. Not much talkers though and when she does talk, you can't really understand much but to me, she is pretty quiet. She squawks in the morning when she wants to get uncovered but rarely during the day.

Jan 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

Heey bird lovers! It was very interesting to read about your relationships with your pets. Though I've never actually had a bird of my own, I think they are very fasinating. I love animals, and i just wanted to say thanks for making me smile! : )

Nov 14, 2009
got new baby gcc
by: damo

i realli would like to no more about these cute lil fullas! i have to baby gcc loco and cj i bought them as hand rared buh they arnt very tame? they always fly away from me, they have there wings cliped and i have them in my galahs cage and took scooter ( my galah) out
if any1 could help with information it will b appricated :)

Editor's note: You need to post a new question so that people will answer it.

Aug 10, 2009
by: Stan

I got Magoo from a breeder when he was 3 months old. His wings were clipped and he knew how to 'step up'. I've had Magoo for about 2 months now, and he really hasn't been a problem at all. His cage is big enough (17"x23.5"x40"h), and he always has 3 or 4 chew type toys - which he loves to destroy. I have put three branch type perches, one dowel perch and one gritty perch inside the cage. There is another branch perch, and a bungie or bong perch on the outside of the cage. Magoo likes to sleep in his cozy hut which is a fabric covered tent shaped thingy that hangs from the top of the cage. There are two feeding bowls inside the cage and a couple of foraging toys that I hide treats in for him to find. I put fruit and vegetable pieces in one bowl and pellets and seeds in the other. I have the gritty perch near his pellet bowl so that he will spend some time at least filing down his nails while he eats. Magoo drinks from a water bottle - it's much easier to keep clean. I work at home, so I spend lots of time with Magoo. He likes to fall asleep in my hand while I'm sitting in my chair. He has come to recognize the sounds and patterns in the house and knows when I'm about to enter his room. When I'm home I usually leave the cage open so he can crawl around outside and use his outside perches, which he loves. I cover his cage at night - only about the top half. it seems to be enough to give him the security he needs to go to sleep. Magoo is a great pet - I've taught him three or four tricks - I use a clicker and reward him with a pine nut cut into 4 pieces. He makes some adorable birdie noises, and can also squawk - mainly in the morning and when I first cover his cage at night - but also if I don't pay enough attention to him. But on the whole, Magoo is not noisy at all. Good luck to all you greencheek owners! - they make great pets!

Aug 01, 2009
by: Joel

Just thought i would share. I am in Australia and we bought a Green cheek almost a year ago now. He is also called Buddy :) He has recently also turned on my partner...she can't hold him without being bitten and sometimes he even chases her around the room :)

Jun 11, 2009
by: savannah

your bird will want attintion.trust me i have a conure.his name is rascall and can get out of his cage when he wants my attintion.but if you try to get him out and he backs away or scwaks that means you better back of or im going to bite so be carefull. if youleave him alone when he gives you his warnings and love him when he wants it your bird will love you for the rest of yalls lives. i think you should get a conure if you want a bird cause they are beautiful loving birds that are easy to care for. if you have a conure you made the right chose.

Mar 25, 2009
lost bird
by: tex bird watcher

I moved the question about the lost bird to parrot questions.

Sep 28, 2008
Cage size for baby Green Cheeked and Sun Conure
by: Tracie

Hello Alissa,

This isn't exactly the ideal way to answer your question since you posted your question in the response to a question instead of posting as a new question.

I am a believer in purchasing the largest cage, that has the proper bar spacing, you can afford and have room for. You want to have room for lots of toys and room to hop around and get exercise too. I like play top cages, because when you are home it gives them even more room to climb and explore.

For Green Cheeks, you want the bar spacing to be 3/4" to 5/8" max. You don't want them to be able to partially squeeze through the bars and get stuck or even escape. Also consider converting them to a safe, non-colored pellet if they are not already weaned to pellets. Training them to use a water bottle will lower the chance of getting a bacterial infection also.

If your birds will be climbing on the outside of the cage, you will want to purchase the Lixit bottles that have a wire that holds the bottle on instead of a spring. Some birds like to play with the springs and can get their beak or body parts trapped and then bleed to death quickly when they attempt to free themselves. I know of one person whose bird lost their beak to a spring attachment.

If you want them to have something cozy, provide a bird tent. Our two Green Cheeked Conures sleep in a large bird tent together. They also run and hide in there during the day when they want to be left alone or something scares them.

If both of the birds are babies and get along, they can share a cage without a problem. You might want to make sure they are the same gender so that you do not have breeding problems. Some female GC's don't even need a male to decide to lay eggs, but having a male will certainly increase the possibilities of having a chronic egg layer. That will also include having a grumpy bird when she is hormonal.

Sep 27, 2008
Cage Question?
by: alissa_n6@mac.com

I'm in the "nesting" stage... where I'm buying all sorts of toys and stuff for my baby conures. I'm buying from a breeder and was able to pick my green check and sun conures right after they were pulled. I'm buying a weened baby conure for $150 and my sun for $325 from the same person. Do you think a large cozy cage with lots of toys would be better or a large roomy cage with a smaller amount of toys would be better for the two? And is it a good idea to have two different conures in the same cage together?

Apr 09, 2008
by: Anonymous

i would love to get my own green-cheeked. can you tell me how much a 7 week old conure would cost me?

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