What are some good, tough toys?

by J-star

Hi again, My galah 'Cocky', enjoys her toys, but after awhile, destroys them.Is it just cos' she's bored or beacause there not strong enough? As your probably know they have a strong beak and sharp claws, so what are some good, sturdy toys avalible in australia?

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Nov 30, 2011
they love to chew
by: Anonymous

All types of cockies love to chew, destroy & shred things. Galahs have a tough beak used to digging & getting into hard nuts & woods.

Really any sturdy tough toy won't be sturdy enough for your galah. The best you might find to use for him will be natural toys, thick branches (bottlebrush & gum) etc... It will stop any furniture chewing that he might discover & start doing as well LOL You can also drill holes into the branches & hide seeds & nuts in them. This will act as an excellent foraging toy & keep his beak busy for a while.

Nov 29, 2011
Good tough toys for cockatoos
by: Tracie

I do not know what is available where you live. Hard woods that are not treated with chemicals are the best toys for big birds. They also enjoy shredding and destroying things, so I would not deny them that pleasure.

Contact your breeder or avian vet and find out where they suggest you find toys for your bird.

If you can find the sturdy foraging toys we have here, this will keep your bird busy and happy.

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