What bird is this Yellow Parrot?

by Neil B

my uncle caught a parrot identical to the one in the attached picture in victoria, Australia. in the picture or internet search where I found this picture, it is called a "sunshine yellow parrot" but i cannot find any details about this parrot ie what type of parrot is it, is it rare?

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Jul 12, 2010
yellow parrot
by: alexis

i looked at the link i saw a yellow parrot with a red beak and rings around the eyes.. i hope thats the picture, and it is an Indian Ring Neck

May 31, 2010
Yellow Indian Ring Neck picture
by: Tracie

You can view this bird at: You can see the picture of this bird at: http://birdguyhawaii.com/Princess.html .

May 29, 2010
What bird is this Yellow Parrot?
by: Linda

Your picture did not upload, so you'll need to try to upload it again when you can.

The only yellow parrot I know of is the Queen of Bavaria or Golden Conure as it is called by both names. Do some research on the internet using both the Queen of Bavaria Conure and Golden Conure words and see if this is not the bird you have.

Very important here is that you immediately take this bird to an Avian (bird) Vet in your driving area to have it checkd for infections and parasites as birds outside tend to get both and will die from one or the other. The other issue is food, and all parrots need to be eating 80-85% organic pelleted diets which Tracie carries out here. Harrisons is good and Avian Vet endorsed, and she also has a few more that are good to mix with it as well. Changing from seed to pellets takes some time, and A TRIP TO THE AVIAN VET HAS TO BE DONE BEFORE ANY CHANGES OR TRAINING IS DONE WITH THIS BIRD because a sick bird needs medical help.

Thanks for writing and keep us updated on what Avian Vet has to say and we'll look for your picture later.


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