What bird is this?

by Graham

Hi, Can anyone help positively identify this guy? found wandering around the yard in suburban Melbourne.



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Jun 18, 2010
what bird is this?
by: Kate

Sure looks like an Alexandrine or Rose ringnecked parrot (or parakeet according to some avian specialists.I suspect it's an Alexandrine as the tail is short for a Rose. Alexandrines are originaly from Nepal, India, Afghan area of world. This must be someone's pet got loose. A rather valuable bird, so please take care of it.

Jun 17, 2010
What bird is this?
by: Linda

Graham, this is an Indian Ring Neck Parakeet, and it needs to be taken to an Avian Vet in your area as quickly as you can get there. Lost birds contract numerous types of bacterial/viral infections plus can have internal/external parsites like mites, worms and other nasty things.

I noticed the feathering is rough looking which means lack of nutritious food while out there.

We recommend organic, high quality pellets like Harrisons which Tracie carries out here. The all seed diet will cause fatty liver disease, and the cheap pellets will cause that and much more because of the dyes, preservatives and pesticide/fertilizer residue in the food.

Here is a link on how to go about changing a bird from seed to organic pellets, and it is a slower process. Never, ever allow a bird to starve trying to change its diet. Changes have to be done in a way that keeps the bird healthy while changing to a better diet.

Switching Birds to Pellets article.

So, to sum up, Graham, you need to take your bird to an Avian Vet and start getting him/her changed over to a nutritious diet. If you need help taming your bird after the vet has seen it, use some of the links about training provided here.

Thanks for writing,

Jun 17, 2010
What bird is this?
by: Anonymous

It is an Indian ringneck
Great bird

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