What bird should I get?

I am torn between a Parrotlet, a Quaker Parrot, A Blue Crown Conure, A Peach Front Conure, A Senegal Parrot, and a Hahn's Mini Macaw. We want a Parrot that is friendly and a GREAT talker. We want a Parrot that isn't a one person bird, that loves attention and loves human interaction. We basically want an all round bird that is awesome!

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Apr 01, 2011
Senegals are great birds
by: Jay

I agree with what's been said, you can't always know for sure that you will get a good bird and/or a good talker, but if you get a young/ hand fed/ handled bird and work with it daily, you will increase your chances of getting what you want.
If you want it to be a multi person bird, and not a one person bird, then make sure that several people handle it daily. But, again, no guarentees.
I have had or cared for every bird on your list, and I think you'd be better off with a conure or Senegal parrot.
I love my Senegals, they are great little birds. They each have their own "personality" None of the are real talkative, but they do talk. But, I have not spent a lot time trying to getting them to talk.
Take your time, and good luck

Mar 29, 2011
Best friendly talking bird?
by: Tracie

Unless you purchase a trained "awesome" bird that already says everything you want, there is no guarantee your bird will talk or be "awesome." My mom had an African Grey, known as one of the best talkers, that spent 24/7 with her and never spoke a word. It only mimicked sounds.

Then, you may purchase this "awsome" bird and a year or so down the road it will get hormonal and decide it only likes your spouse. So, if this happened, would you keep the bird? This is the kind of commitment you will need to make, sorry.

Now that I have given you the possible negative side of purchasing a bird, there are some general things about birds on the two links below.

Parrot Comparison Chart

Research Parrot Species

Of the birds you listed, "Parrotlet, a Quaker Parrot, A Blue Crown Conure, A Peach Front Conure, A Senegal Parrot, and a Hahn's Mini Macaw" I would say that for a first time bird owner, the Peach Front might be best. Only because it is not known to be as noisey or nippy and can learn to say some words.

Parrotlets are known to start out nice and get nippy. Quakers can make great pets and learn to talk, but need room and material for weaving etc. to be fulfilled in my opinion. Blue Crowns are hysterical, please read the stories on the conure page, but can be VERY loud and really nippy if they choose to not like someone.

The Hahn's Macaw, in my opinion, has the best possiblilty for repeating words, but it is a bigger bird with a bigger bite and attitude if you do not take the time to properly train it to tolerate everyone.

The only two Senegal's I have had experience with became one owner birds. That doesn't mean that you won't get one that likes everyone though.

Again, if all these things are important, then you best purchase a bird that already has all the qualities you are looking for, because birds are like children - - there are no guarantees of personality or that they will change as they mature.

Regardless, please make sure you keep a fund for taking your bird to the avian vet for check ups and emergencies. Purchase from a breeder that takes their birds to an avian vet and will give you a health guarantee proving they took it to the avian vet and it is healthy.

Thanks for writing. I hope I wasn't too negative. Birds are fun, but unless you are prepared to purchase pellets, like Harrison's or Roudybush and make vet visits, your bird will not be healthy and may die within a few years instead of living a long life.

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