what birds can be placed in the same cage?

by Robyn

I have 4 cockatiels and was give a rainbow lorikeet can these birds be placed in the same cage.

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Mar 06, 2012
Rainbow Lorikeets & Cockatiels don't mix well
by: Anonymous

I have both these birds. Rainbow Lorikeets are a larger bird and can be very rough causing serious harm to cockatiels. Lorikeets are strong and very energized birds which is bad for cockatiels which are fragile compared to lorikeets. My lorikeet jumps at me from the other side of the cage when he feels aggressive.

Feb 14, 2012
what birds can be placed in the same cage?
by: Linda

No because the Lorikeet eats an entirely different diet from the Tiels. If you have not studied all the information about feeding a Lori, then wait to get it until you know exactly what kind of diet it will need.

Budgie, Lory & Eclectus diets

All your birds need to be eating a high quality diet with organic pellets, and below is a link about how to go about changing from seeds to the pellets. Harrison's is the best on the market, and get the grind size recommended for your birds. The Lori will still need some of the special things Lori's need which is in the above link.

Also, unless your cage is quite large, 4 Cockatiels are too many for one cage. A cage with 4 Cockatiels in it should be upward of an 8 foot square cage giving them room to fly. If your cage is smaller, then two of the birds need another cage. The Lorikeet will need its own cage that is roomy and safe.


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