What cage for conure.

Do you need a big cage for a sun conure?
Also how much toys you need inside the cage? Thank you

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Aug 22, 2009
Conure Cages
by: Linda

I have a link for you to copy and paste into your browser if it is not in blue. First, I'll go over a few of the things on that site.

Cages for all parrots should be the largest you can possibly afford. For conures, minimum size is 28" wide by 22" deep by 30" high and that is the very smallest one. The best one would be 36" wide by 28" deep by 35" high. Make sure cage has a playtop or playgym on top where he can come out of cage to play. Bar spacing is 1/2" to 3/4" and make sure spacing is NO MORE than the 3/4" or bird can get head stuck and choke to death or sustain a very bad injury.

Conures are high, fast flying birds, so they appreciate a cage that is wider than high so they can fly if possible. If not possible, one of the larger ones will work keeping the bar spacing in mind. ALWAYS BUY THE LARGEST CAGE FOR YOUR PARROT THAT YOU CAN FIND AND AFFORD. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THEY FEEL SAFE AND COMFORTABLE AND NOT "SHUT DOWN" IN THEIR CAGES.

Cage needs to be either stand-alone and very tall or on a stand about chest high so your bird is at eye-level with you. Cages and perches that put birds lower than eye level make the birds feel small, and they will not adjust to a cage or you like this. Perches should be made of safe woods and in natural branch form. Some pet stores carry these with hardware already on them. If using branches from trees at home, make sure they've never been sprayed with pesticides as these stay in the wood and will kill birds.

Toys should be on the playtop or playgym with a couple in the cage. Do not put too many inside cage as they will interfere with playing and wing flapping. Make sure they are size appropriate for your bird, and toys usually come in Small, Medium and Large and/or Extra Large sizes which means your bird could use the medium sized ones. Be careful of toys made for much smaller birds as beads and such can be swallowed and will choke your bird to death. Make sure cage and toys are safe with no sharp edges anywhere for bird to get hurt on.

For further information here is link to one site, and there are many out there that will help you with feeding and care of your conure.Tracie has some books out here as well as high quality pelleted foods like Harrison's and Goldenfeast. It is important to feed an organic pelleted diet as an all seed diet is not complete, and your bird will suffer from this type of diet.

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Do your homework before bringing bird home. Bird will need to see an Avian Vet first thing to make sure he is healthy and not harboring any infections and/or parasites.


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