what can cause the following combination of symptoms

Cold feet, beak, and tremors.

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Apr 30, 2013
by: Anonymous

I had my bird treated by a vet for higher than normal lead levels in the blood. The treatment did not make the tremors go away. Is it possible that even though the lead is gone, according to the test results, my bird has permanent neurological damage? Would the white blood count be higher than normal if it was a virus?His wbc is normal, and the tremors have nothing to do with the cold. It is not cold. Does kidney damage cause tremors?
I am curious how those who are suggesting I go to the vet think the cause could be diagnosed. His blood count levels and lead levels are normal. What other tests are there?

Apr 26, 2013
by: Alex

You have given very little information to work with.

Frm the words yuo have typed, I would suggest a visit to an avian vet who can look at the bird in persn and run any necessary tests.

We cannot diagnose illnesses over h internet, and so your best bet is to take the bird to an avian vet.

Apr 25, 2013
it's cold
by: Anonymous

the bird is possibly feeling cold. If the weather is hot take your bird to a vet.

Apr 25, 2013
For parrots ALL is serious! Get to an AVIAN
by: Anonymous

Sounds like a COLD of some kind, you can try and nip it in the BUD by taking your parrot to an AVIAN for sure. Don't wait. Many symptoms are FATAL when it comes to Parrots. Good Luck, hope it will pass smoothly. Let us know what happens!

Apr 25, 2013
Combination of symptoms
by: Anonymous

You didn't elaborate enough with your question. What type of bird do you have? How old is it? How long have you had it? Is your home not warm enough? Is the bird near an open window or a draft? Is it eating and behaving normally? Cold feet, beak and shivering are not good signs. You need to take your bird to an avian vet as it might be sick.

Apr 25, 2013
Your bird needs an avian vet
by: Tracie

It will not do you any good to know the answer to this without having an avian vet to examine the bird to figure out what is wrong and be able to prescribe the proper treatment. No matter what is wrong, you need a doctor to administer the treatment.

Please use this Find an Avian Vet link to find an avian vet for your bird so it can be examined to determine what is wrong and what the potential treatment might be.

Dr B doesn't play "the guessing game" when it comes to a bird's life. He could give you a list of illnesses and diseases, but for what? Only an in person visit and testing will tell what is wrong.

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