What can I do to calm my grieving cockatoo down?

by Lalina
(British Columbia, Canada)

My cockatoo has been with me since birth. He is 11 yrs old. He has had the company of an Amazon since birth as well. The Amazon has just passed away and now my cockatoo is screaming from morning til night. Poor baby, I have tried not to change anything in his routine except more time with Mom, who is also grieving. Nothing seems to pacify him. Is there anything I can do?

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Jul 12, 2011
What can I do to calm my grieving cockatoo down?
by: Linda

What did the Amazon die from? Unless you had Avian Vet do a Necropsy, then whatever killed him may do the same with the Cockatoo. The very first thing to do is take your bird to be examined by an Avian Vet in your driving area. I say driving area because your bird can be seen ONLY by an avian vet, which sometimes means a longer drive.

Have the vet examine your Too, run some tests for infection and some general bloodwork to see if organs are functioning properly and if there are any abnormalities in the values.

Once this is taken care of, it may not hurt to start thinking of getting another bird. Make sure new bird is taken to an Avian Vet BEFORE coming to your home because pet store birds and most breeder's birds are already sick with some kind of infection from stress of being moved around.

Keep them apart until they get to know one another by visiting with their cages nearby each other. Not right up against each other, just in same room will be fine. Gradually allow new bird some out of cage time. New bird may need to be tamed and trained, so leave the Too out of it until all that is taken care of. Take your time here, because the Amazon may be frightened of the Too if it is much larger. If they are about the same size, this will be better. Make sure both bird's wings are clipped to keep flying at each other to a minimum.

The grieving process with parrots is a very tricky thing. Pair bonded mates will sometimes go off their feed and water until another bird is brought into home. In your case, sounds like these two were not sexual mates but were very good to Bestest friends. This means your Too may literally grieve himself to death, so continue with the TLC and then move forward with a plan.

Keep us posted on how this goes and take everything slowly with the new bird. Try and get one that has had a decent life with people if possible, and this is best done going to a breeder. God Bless your little bird that he will be okay.


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