What can I do to stop this happening again?

by Christina
(Victoria, Australia)

Hello, how are you going? My name is Christina and I live in Australia. We have a flock of pigeons who visit our backyard every day and we feed them and give them water and love them a lot. In January this year the beautiful white one got sick and I called the vet who gave him an antibiotic injection and medicine (tribrissin tablets) but then half way through his treatment he disappeared :-(

Then, one month later, another bird had exactly the same symptoms- diarhhea, sitting still and all fluffed up, not maving much and not eating and looking tired and weak and sick. So since he had the same symptoms as the first bird and I still had a lot of the tablets left, I gave him the same tablets but he passed away a few days later:-(

Then a month later, I saw one night at dusk a grey pigeon on the ground in our backyard who had the same symptoms. I called the vet right away on the phone right away but the vet said that he couldnt come till morning. In the morning when I went outside to get the bird so the vet could help him, I found the bird dead :-(

Then just last week it happened again :-( I found another grey pigeon with the same symptoms. I called a vet to our house and he said that the bird was fine and then he made me pay him. What a scammer he was. But I knew that the bird was not fine so 2 days later I took the bird to an avain vet by taxi. The avian vet did tests and xrays on him, something the first vet had never done, and he told me that the bird is very sick and that he has a 40% - 50% chance of surviving. He said that he had parasites and worms and that they had eaten everything inside him and that he was very skinny and that his breast bone stuck out, even though I feed the birds a lot of good food. I said I would pay anything to make him better, which I did. But then the poor bird passed away :-(

I asked the avain vet to tell me EXACTLY what the bird had so that I could do research on how to avoid it ever happening again to any of the other birds. The vet said that my bird had parasites and worms and I said what are the names of what he had EXACTLY and the avain vet said he had capillaria and coccidia. I then asked him what can I do to prevent it ever happening again to the rest of the other birds in the backyard, and he said "you can't do anything to prevent it"

I refuse to beleive that there is nothing I can do to prevent this happening again. Surely there is something I can put in their water bowl or on their food or something, anything at all, to prevent this terrbile thing from happening again. Especially since my beautiful new white dove from the animal shelter now lives with this same flock and they play togethr all day and they eat and drink together and they have all bonded very well, and I love all the birds in the flock too much

I am also scared as I was patting and feeding the sick bird and my new white dove together at the same time, 2 days before the grey one died, as I didn;t realise that what he had could be contagious as he was much better then and he could still walk and fly up onto a chair to sit and walk to the water bowl still, 2 days before he died.

I am scared now that the white dove and the other birds might have caught something off him. Are those 2 things very contagious by what I did- feeding them all and patting them all at the same time? What should I do?

Thanks heaps for your time,I do appreciate it a lot.

Kind Regards, from Christina

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May 20, 2010
Treating wild birds
by: The Avian Vet

It is possible to treat them, but they are going to get it again. You need to just let nature take its course. If you have caged birds you can manage then more directly, but wild birds are wild, and constantly exposed to these things.

Dr B

May 19, 2010
What can I do to stop this happening again?
by: Linda

Christina, I had problems with the Coccidia making my little Nigerian Dwarf goats sick, and the Avian vet may be right in that there's nothing you can do. What we did for the goats was to get them feed laced with something to help keep the parasite from them. There was also stuff to put in water, but the little female kept getting infected again and again. We finally had to sell the goats to someone else to get them off the infested ground. The Coccidia live in the dirt, and YOU CANNOT GET RID OF THEM in the dirt. Your new white dove needs to be kept inside the house and taken to the vet to be checked for and treated for the parasites as they will also kill it as well.

The problem here is that the meds used for the goats would kill the birds, though there should be something that could be added to the drinking water. Go and talk with another Avian vet, and make sure you are going to an Avian vet as a dog and cat vet is not licensed to treat birds and will not help you at all. They will tell you there is nothing they can do, and there has to be SOMETHING you could put in water. The problem being, as long as the parasites are in the ground, the birds will probably continue to be infected. FIND ANOTHER AVIAN VET SOMEWHERE IN DRIVING DISTANCE OR ONE YOU CAN CALL AND ASK ABOUT PREVENTATIVES FOR these parasites.

Otherwise, your birds will all die as these parasites are deadly and birds and farm animals can become infected with them. I would assume any animal on the infested ground could get them.DO NOT GO BAREFOOT ON THIS GROUND!

Let us know what the new vet has to say about all this as I totally understand your fear. Your fears are real, and I hope new vet comes up with something besides NOTHING!!!


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