What caused my Cockatiel to die?

by Linda Lawson

What happened to my Cockateil? Took him to the vet on Monday. He got a beak trim and vitamin A shot. Before we got him home, he started breathing heavily and blood appeared in his stool, loose and bloody. He died on Saturday, even though I tried to help him by putting him in a warmed area and giving him vita flight. He would not eat! Appears he hemmoraged to death. What caused that to happen? His mouth was black and his stool was black. Help, please. I need to know.

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Jun 28, 2012
I am so sorry!!
by: Bill

I read your post, and had to express my condolences!
I am soo sorry for your loss!
I hope you find out what caused it.
Once again, sorry to hear of your loss!

Oct 17, 2011
What caused my Cockatiel to die?
by: Linda

There is no way to know without a necropsy being done by an Avian Vet. I also don't understand why vet would give him a Vitamin A injection. If being fed a diet of organic pellets, birds don't need addtitional vitamin supplements. In future, take a look at the organic pellets found here with Harrison's being the best one. It takes time to change birds over from seeds to the organic pellets, so write back in later for link to an article written by Avian Vet on how to go about the change.

If you took your bird to a regular dog and cat vet, they are apt to kill them with wrong diagnosis and over doses of meds. Only an Avian Vet can examine and treat your birds. If this was a dog and cat vet, they may have overdosed your bird with the vitamin A as anyone can be overdosed with vitamin A. Dog and cat vets are not licensed to treat birds making it illegal for them to do anything with a bird unless it is an emergency where bleeding out is involved.

So, I'd call the vet and let them know about how quickly this happened after the Vitamin A shot. The shot could have been too much for the bird or bird was already sick and was not letting it show.

A necropsy is the only way to know for sure, and bodies have to be brought into Avian Vet as quickly as possible after death or tissue starts to die to the point where they cannot tell much.

I'm so very sorry for your loss, and am sending you many blessings as you go through this. Take Care,


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