what causes parrot to lose his nail s?

by Akira Riverstone
(Gloucester, VA, USA 23061)

Our Senegalese -- unknown age since he flew into our NYC apartment about 15 years ago -- has been falling on his perchesonce or twice every other day or so during the past month or so. We do not have a good ornithologist vet nearby. We live in Tidewater Virginia, 23061.

On inspection, we note that he has lost two nails on his right claw which we assume is why he loses his footing. He seems otherwise healthy -- clear eyed, a little less noisy than usual, but active, and eating heartily.

We have piled crumpled papers on his very large cage floor so he doesn't hurt himself when he drops. But it is a little difficult for him to extricate himself after he falls. And the other day, he may have hit himself on a feeding bowl on the way down and seemed dazzed for a moment.

He has always been difficult and, in fact, until recently would sometimes attack while his feeding bowls were being changed. So it is not possible to inspect him closely without causing further trauma.

Any suggestions?

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Sep 30, 2011
Parrot losing nails and falling
by: Tracie

Please try to Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird. If one is not listed on the page above, then there are links at the top of the page you can use to try to find one.

Even birds with only one leg/foot don't fall off their perches all the time. I suspect there is a serious health issue that has caused the bird to loose the nails and is causing it to fall from it's perch.

Birds have hollow bones that are easily broken, your bird may even have fractured something from falling by now.

If you can not find an avian vet at all, then call a breeder in your area and find out what avian vet they use. All reputable breeders take their birds to an avian vet, or have an avian vet that comes through town to examine their birds at different times during the year.

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