What could be Wrong with my cockatiel?

by Ethan
(Australia, NSW)

For the last 5 months or So he has had growth issues with hes wing feathers, its on the elbow (top) of hes wing, one side has a lump and if i take a look at it it looks like there is a small feather in there that hasn't broke the skin and started to swell/get puss its on both wings but one is Worse then the other, SOmetimes hes feathers also have a Protective plastic like substance over them, he has removed 1 or 2 which caused a small amount of bleeding, when i took alook at this feather if i broke the protectiv layer the feather was wet and just broke up, What could be wrong with him? he doesnt seem to be in pain or anything just he cannot fly anymore due to this

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Jul 27, 2009
by: Linda

Yes, I agree with Tracie, and do not delay taking him to an Avian vet. Make sure the vet is an Avian Vet as the ones for dogs and cats cannot treat birds as they do not know how and will just send you on your way.Avian vets have had to go to school for more years, so they can diagnose and treat our bird friends. It is not legal for a regular dog and cat vet to treat birds, snakes, lizards and some of the other exotics.Though some may have you bring your bird in, charge you an office visit and just send you off still wondering what is wrong with your bird. Don't waste your money or time.

It sounds like there is an infection here, and a vet must be seen to diagnose and treat this problem.

Keep us posted on what the vet says.


Jul 27, 2009
Cockatiel with feather issues
by: Tracie

It sounds like your bird needs to be seen in person by an avian vet quickly. Dr B can not help your bird over the Internet, because he can not examine your bird and run tests.

Please make an appointment today with an avian vet so your bird can get some help. Let us know what you find out.

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