What could cause cloudy liquid in my green cheeks pee/poop?

by Michele R
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

My green cheek, Brembo, was on my shoulder outside yesterday. Something spooked him and he flew into the neighbours backyard, which was to my surprise as his wings are clipped and he has issues flying inside. I ran into the neighbours backyard calling his name. He answers me so he was easy to find. He was only on the tree that he landed on for not even 5 minutes. He was fine the whole day yesterday.

This morning, there was guys doing work on the roof. Everytime they walked by the window he freaks. Squaks very very loudly and continusly. He was clearly freaked out. He would sometime fly into the next room squaking to get away from the window. (now that he suddenly knows how to fly, I am thinking of cutting a couple of more feathers to keep him from flying and hurting himself).

Now the problem is, that this morning shortly after he saw the first guy walk by the window, he started having cloudy feces or urine, not sure which. He would still have a bit a normal poop in it sometimes there would just be more cloudy fluid. It looked a little like when he eats a lot of fruit. He hasn't had any fruit yet today tho, so its not that.

He is acting fine, except for when he hears or sees the guys working on the roof. He is eating and playing as he normally would, again, except for when he sees the guys. When he sees them, he starts shaking a little bit and is clearly disturbed. Once he hasn't seeing them for a while he is back to normal. I closed the blinds so he can no longer see the guys. His poops seem to be getting back to normal now, but I don't want to assume that its gone. My vet said to monitor it and if it doesn't go away by tonight to bring him in.

Do you think that it could be the stress of the guys working? It seems he thinks they are invading his space. He is very protective of me, so they are really freaking him out. With the blinds closed now, he is pooping normally and isn't as freaked out. Any advice would be great!
Thanks in advance.