What could cause my bird's neck to fill with fluid?

by Rebecca
(L.I. New York)

I have an eastern rosella and her neck keeps filling up with a greenish color fluid. I've taken her to two different vets and they've determind that it's not her crop filling up but fluid outside the crop. They've tried different medications but that didn't help.

Every 6-7 weeks I have to bring her in to get the fluid drained out of her neck. She's about 9 years old and I'm afraid of doing any kind of exploratory surgery not knowing if if could benifit her.

My vet put some of the fluid that was drained from her neck in a centerfuge thinking that if it separted and food particles could be seen that might show that her crop was leaking but the fluid didn't separate except for a very tiny bit of blood at the bottom.

Do you have any idea what could be causing this and what I might try to stop this from happening?
Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions.

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Feb 03, 2009
Crop filling with fluid
by: The Vet

This is an unusual problem. I cannot diagnose what is causing this without seeing your bird and examining the fluid. I would next do a barium contrast x-ray study to see if this fluid is form the GI tract.

I would also recommend an exploratory surgery to find out more. It may or may not benefit her, but it is really the only option at this point. Maybe do the barium first, and if nothing is seen there, then surgery is all that is left to do. It is possible could be done with an endoscope which is less invasive.

Dr. B

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