What do Eclectus like?

by Abby

Any suggestions?

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Oct 17, 2009
by: Linda

Hi, check out the information Tracie gave you, and here is a web site with some more information http://www.avianweb.com/eclectus.htm

I found the site by doing a search on Eclectus Parrots where there are many places describing them in detail. Most will recommend books, and check out parrot information books here.

Thanks for writing,

Oct 17, 2009
Eclectus safe foods and toys
by: Tracie

We actually have a section in our shopping cart software that has items avian vets say are okay for eclectus parrots. Visit our Eclectus safe food page for some ideas.

Toys are a bit more difficult, because some birds are scared of things that other birds are not. Some birds like wood to chew while others prefer palm leaf or paper toys. Either way, most birds love shreddible toys and they can help with feather destruction too by giving them something besides feather to chew.

Thanks for asking!

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