what do I do? new half moon conure

by may

Hi, I just got I half-moon conure and I named her Sora :) a freind gave her to me because she was to nosie for there family.
I have been reading about conures but I dont know what to do to get her comfertible with me. I dont know anything about her exept that her owner died and sommone gave her to my freind.
I still have not taken her out of her cage because I did not want to scare her. And were do I get pellet feed for her? And what sound do they make when there happy?

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Sep 25, 2009
still need help
by: may

Hi thanks for answering my questions
but now I have a new one.
I tryed taking her out but she got really scared
and flue all over her cage. she talks to me sometimes but I really dont want to scacer her.
and I still want her to like me what do I do?
Thanks, may

Sep 23, 2009
New Half Moon
by: Linda

Hi and thanks for writing. Your bird needs some attention, and needs to be taken out of her cage at least once a day and more if you can. She needs toys to play with, and a big enough cage to be able to stretch her wings out fully when she wants to stretch.

Tracie carries Harrison's organic pellets out here, and she also has a Birdy Bread Mix they make as well that is very tasty and will help change your bird over from seeds to pellets. Be sure to get the smaller size for your smaller bird. Also buy the Sunshine Factor organic Red Palm Oil to use in the bread.Feed only organic fruit and veggies and not too much of them either as that can make a bird sick.

If you have not taken your bird to an Avian Vet in your area, please do so as soon as is possible. She needs to be checked out for any infections, parasites or other problems. Your Avian vet can also tell you about how old she is at that time. Birds have to go to Avian vet at least once a year and more often if their toenails and beaks need trimming. We take ours in about every 4-5 months for toenail and beak trimming. Never try and trim a bird's beak at home.

As for bird's emotional state right now: She is grieving for a lost loved one. It will take her some time to finish grieving as parrots are extremely sensitive and connect deeply with their caretakers--ones who love them anyway. The little Half Moons are what I used to call very tiny Macaws as their faces look so much like the big green Military Macaws. They are one of the sweetest birds in the conure family, and you are very fortunate to have her. Take care of her. See that she has nutritious food to eat, a nice clean safe cage to live in and safe toys to play with plus have an outside play area. They make cages with playtops on them, and you can hang toys on them too plus they usually have food and water dishes. You can build one if someone in your household is handy with wood and tools. She cannot sit on dowels, she has to have natural wood branches and they are sold here and on the internet too.

The most important thing right now is love, and you have to take her to the vet right away as the stress of losing her caretaker and being moved around puts birds under lots of stress, and they can easily get sick.

Read everything you can about your bird and then read some more. Find out what plants are safe and not on this site. There is also the food I mentioned out here and many other things too. Start letting your new bird know that you UNDERSTAND she is sad because her friend died and that you will now be taking care of her for a long time. Let her know she can trust you by always doing right by her, and she will grow to adore you.

Keep us posted and send us a picture of your little Cutie when you can.


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