What do I feed my bird

by Sarah
(Renton, Washington)

I dont know if it is a baby parrot or a lovebird and the only food we have is food for parakeets and wild outdoor birds. The bird seems to enjoy only the sunflower seeds from the wild birds food. On top of that the bird doesnt seem to poop much either. Is that normal? What do I feed my new bird?

p.s I caught it and it seems to have a banner on its left foot. so it was a pet. The banner is a blue-ish color

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Jan 03, 2009
Feeding your bird
by: Tracie

You can read what I feel about feeding parrots in our Parrot Health article.

Dr. B feels your bird should have a diet of 80% Harrison's pellets and 20% healthy seed ( Totally Organics Pellets and Seeds) and treats.

Can you post a picture of the bird? If not, you can look through our Parrot Profiles pages and see if you recognize your bird there.

I would also like to encourage you to take your bird to an avian vet to be checked out for health problems and to be vaccinated. It is too late now, but you should have kept this bird separated from the other birds for at least a month to make sure it doesn't pass on any disease to your other birds.

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