What do Parakeets eat?

by Angela

What do blue parakeets eat and what is a healthy diet for them?

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Dec 25, 2011
friten bird
by: Elena

My bird is so scared of my family and they won't eat anthing what do you think i should feed them please help me

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May 22, 2011
my new parakeet
by: Anonymous

My new parakeet isn't doing anything since its new but i cant make him move its very difficuly i have one boy and one girl the girl always sitts on the branch and the boy is clinging on the cage and not once i've seen them eat !

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Apr 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

my parakeet wont let me touch even though i let him out of the cage and he follow me

Mar 16, 2011
what do parakeet eat
by: Emily

my parakeet won,t eat fruits i need help

Editor's note: He doesn't need to eat fruit, if you convert him to a healthy pellet diet.
Switching Birds to Pellets article

Jan 22, 2011
why?! why!!??
by: Anonymous

my new parakeets won't eat the food for them and i'm worried. what should i do. help me!!!!!!!!!!!

Editor's note: Ask the person you purchased the bird from to give you some of what they fed the bird. If it is a baby, take the bird back to them because it may not be fully weaned and will die. 2)Please post your questions as new questions under Parrot Questions and not as an answer to someone else's question.

Aug 19, 2010
Perching trouble
by: Anonymous

I just got 2 parakeets from a friend and they are untamed. They always fly around the cage like crazy when I hold a perch in front of them. Also, should I buy millet spray for them?

See: Parrot Training page

Parakeet Information

Aug 02, 2010
by: parakeet person

if ur parakeet doesnt eat the fruit or vegies that ur giving 2 them they might be scared. so just get som broccoli or somthing and put some millet in it. then the parakeets will start 2 eat the millet and then they'll kinda taste the broccoli then they'll go crazy over the broccoli. i kno this isnt the answer u wer looking for but i just felt like *HELPING* :P

Jun 25, 2010
this is what they eat
by: Anonymous

oranges apples eggs tuna packed in water
broccile carrots cooked rice pasta
welled cooked meat
spinich yams fruits and vegies
whole weat bread, seeds
other greens too;}
dandilion greens
dried fruit seeds nuts

Feb 28, 2010
how to train them to stay on your finger
by: Anonymous

you have to stick a pencile in the cage until they get on it do that for days

Nov 29, 2009
Their names are mojo and blade
by: jansen

Me and my brother just got 2 new parakeets.They like to play with toothbrushes and like to get on your shoulder.Their favorite food are seeds and fruit.

Jun 28, 2009
parakeets are very cute
by: torie

yes parakeets are very cute I have 3 of them and the made are very messy birds but I don't care because I clean up after them every day they eat real well and I'm glad they do and you parakeet keepers make sure toy give them enough attenion

Jun 13, 2009
by: bob

this is a very good article thx

Jun 13, 2009
by: Kendra

I just got a parakeet and the info u gave is no help

Apr 16, 2009
what do parakeets like to eat? here r ur awnswers
by: caren

i think parakeets like to eat fruits and vegtables. and if u get parakeet u need to give it a lot of itention and a big, nice, clean, fun cage.and depending on what kind of parakeet it is u need to learn a lot about it because they need a lot of care and like me i have to go to school for 6 hours but the rest of the day you need to take care of it and be nice to it!

Apr 13, 2009
by: kelly

parakeets eat alot of seeds you should give them healthy food

Feb 07, 2009
I have a rare paraceet
by: Anonymous

I have two rare paraceets.There names are Sky and Sun.What do I feed them and how can I get them to talk?

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Aug 20, 2008
by: Anonymous

We have english budgies and they are basically the same as parakeets but a little bigger we feed them fruit blend flavor pellets and we also feed them some parakeet seeds. We also feed them apples,carrots,peas,beans,and other stuff. Hope I helped.

Jun 16, 2008
what i feed my parakeet
by: sammy

hey i found out that parakeets can eat bread but i like givin my parakeet fruit

Feb 19, 2008
by: Anonymous

They eat Spray Millet(TREAT ONLY) these can be found very cheap at the petstore. Also to find out what they can and cannot eat on this very website out of the list on the right click on NONTOXIC AND TOXIC LIST. This will let you know.

Dec 27, 2007
What to feed your Parakeet
by: Tracie

Hello Angela,

I feed my parakeets lots of different things, because I like to eat a variety of things too. There are many different theories about feeding birds, so I will just share with you mine.

I think a good, preferably organic, pellet base is good. A bird can not pick out just the things they like to eat, and leave some healthy foods out, when they have a pellet base.

Pellets: For Parakeets I like Harrison's Adult Lifetime. If you don't mind the work, Totally Organics Pellets and/or Goldn'obles crushed is a great choice.

Seed Mix: I feed my parakeets seed in the late afternoon, after they have eaten most of their pellets and fresh food. Napoleons Seed Mix, by Totally Organics, is the only totally organic seed mix I know of.

*** Organic is always a good choice because you don't know what chemicals were sprayed on other seed crops that will slowly kill your bird. ***

You can try to get your parakeet to nibble on organic veggies like lettuce and other greens. A small amount of dried corn for birds is enjoyed by our Parakeets. Please look at our "Non Toxic and Toxic" list for safe and unsafe items they can eat and breath.

You can also soak and sprout seeds and make bird bread like Harrison's Bird Bread for them too.

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