what do you feed african grey 12 months

by linda

trying to feed an african grey who seems to only want grapes and corn? he is about 12 months

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Dec 12, 2011
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by: Anonymous

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Dec 10, 2011
by: Brani

I got my African Grey 1 month ago and i realized how unhealthy food he was eating with previous family..Sunflower is very dangerous for cholesterol and they were giving fries and potato chips...
It took me only 3 days to turn him to eat only pellets...You can give to him all day pellets and because he is not used he will eat a little bit...In the evening, take out pellets and give him his food ( but only while he is eating)-once he stop-take his food out and next morning go with pellets again-all day...In the evening-same procedures...After 3rd day he will eat pellets, you dont need to go back to his food anymore...My AG is 7 years old and 3 days was enough...
He is like a kid-until you are letting him behave the way he wants-he will take freedom to do so..Be a little bit tough and you will have reward- good behaving parrot that eats everything..Corn you can use as a treat and reward for good behaving...have a luck

Dec 10, 2011
African grey parrot won't eat healthy food
by: Tracie

Please read our Switching Birds To Pellets article that was written by an avian vet.

Please be patient, it might only take a few days, but it could take a year for the bird to recognize pellets as food.

I teach my birds to eat pellets differently than the avian vet. I offer ONLY pellets every morning, when they are the most hungry. At first I do this only on mornings that I have time to sit far away from the cage and watch to see if the bird eats, rather than play with, the pellets.

You can count out like 6 pellets, so that you know if the bird eats them also. Once you KNOW the bird has eaten a pellet, then you know they recognize them as food.

Once they know it is food, even if they don't prefer them, you can offer ONLY pellets every day until late afternoon. Eventually they will get hungry enough to eat the pellets. (They know they are food and will not starve themselves, even though they would like you to think they are starving. LOL)

Our bird will often NOT eat any pellets all day, and chirp like it is starving. (It has been eating pellets for 4 years.) I will go to the cage about 2pm and stir the pellets around and tell the bird he better eat up if he wants his seeds and treats. He usually eats most of his pellets by 4pm, then we give him organic seeds and treats according to how much pellets he has eaten.

It is like tough love, but well worth it for the bird's health. Our avian vet suggests that your bird eat 80% Harrison's or Roudybush pellets and only 20% seeds and healthy treats.

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