what does crooning mean?

by Collette Dabbs

george my bby

george my bby

what does my parrot do if hes crooning, when i stroke or give love and attention to my parrot he makes wierd noisies at me and puts one hand on me and also rubs hes head into me. i know theres nothing wrong with my parrot, but am confussed in what he wants?

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Jan 19, 2010
AG crooning
by: Lisa

My AG also croons to me, and it is wonderful and I am truly flattered when she does it!! One thing, though, and I wonder what Linda thinks of this, is that my vet told me NOT to 'stroke' my bird on the back as that is what males birds do to female birds when they want to mate with them. That would be very confusing for either a male or female bird, as you are not a suitable mate!! Linda?

Jan 17, 2010
what does crooning mean
by: Linda

Your bird is making those sounds because he is happy and feels secure with you. It is similar to a cat purring when being petted.

Birds have a lot of sounds they make when happy, sad, angry, lonely and sick. Get to know your bird's sounds so you are better able to tell if something is wrong.Birds are highly intelligent, very sensitive creatures, not unlike humans in their range of emotions. They feel everything we do and then some. Honor your bird by reading everything you can about your type of bird and parrots in general. The learning goes on for a lifetime, and we NEVER know everything about them. There is always something new just around the next bend in the road of life's journey.

Thanks for writing,

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