What does it mean when ur Parrot body shakes

What does it mean when your parrot body shakes

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Mar 10, 2012
shaking bird
by: Anonymous

THe thing I noticed most about a shaking bird is that they are scared or phobic. Especially Greys.

Please try to keep a log for a cpl days... see when it is your bird is shaking. If he's shaking all the time... he is possibly sick.

Does he shake in the cage alone?
Does he only shake during certain times?
Does he only shake when held?
Does he only shake when introduced to new things?
Does he only shake in certain areas of the house?

This will help you assess if your bird is ill, and should be taken to an Avian vet.

Shaking does not always indicate a sick bird unless it's constant. The bird could just be phobic. However a vet should be first on the priority list. When was the last time he was seen?

A bird just like a cat and dog, need to be seen by a vet once a year. Most of all birds. As they wont tell you like a dog or cat that they are sick.

Your bird still retains some of it's natural instancts from the wild. In the wild, a sick bird is easy prey. So a bird will pretend they are well when in fact they are not. It may be only moments from death before a bird will show signs of illness. Thus I stress, you should take your bird in once a year for a yrly exam.

Hope this helps. DOnt wait too long to get him seen.

Mar 09, 2012
Bird shaking
by: Tracie

A bird that sits and shakes is a sick bird. Please Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird.

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