What does this mean when my budgie does it?

by Jillian

What does it mean when my budgie looks like he is yawning , and also what does it mean when my budgie is moving his beak and making a clicking sound , like you cant hardly hear it. Thanks , please answer soon!

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Jul 18, 2018
Budgie Yawning
by: Anonymous

I heard that when your budgie yawns it means he/she likes you is this true?

Nov 05, 2011
Budgie breathing loudly
by: Anonymous

Hi. I just heard my little blue budgie breathing very loudly. i have had him for about 8 months. i have done alot of research before i got my budgie and i saw a video saying if they breath really loud that means they are sick. he eats fine and acts fine. What should i do?

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Aug 12, 2009
by: Linda J. Grindstaff

Jillian, well when your little Budgie looks like he is yawning, that IS what he is doing.

They rub their upper and lower mandibles together to keep both top and bottom of beak clean, and it is a relaxing activity as well.

Hope your little birdy is eating a very nutritious diet of high quality organic pellets like Harrison's. Tracie has those out here and get the very small size to fit your Budgie's little mouth. You do have to take some time for changing over from an all seed diet, and it is worth it as your bird will be much healthier longer and will cost much less money at the Avian Vet's office.

It was good to hear from you, and we are here again if you have more questions. If your bird ever looks sick, slows down on eating or otherwise does not look happy and healthy, go ahead and make an appointment with an Avian(bird) Vet in your area and get him in. Birds go down quickly with infections, injuries or other physical problems. Make sure his cage, perches and toys are safe and always watch him when he is out of his cage as birds do tend to get into trouble without supervision.


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