What happened to my Parrotlet? Training question

by Sarah

About six months ago, I bought two parrotlets: A male and a female.

At first, Jellybean, the female, was the friendly and curious one. I had taught her to step up, and I worked with her daily. As time went on, Jellybean began acting strange. She no longer wanted me to touch her, and she started attacking her mate. It got to the point that I finally had to separate them. I hoped that since I had to put them appart, maybe, just maybe, she would become friendly again. But that didn't happen....She still freaks out when I open her cage door just to feed her. And if I manage to get close enough to her to get her to step up, she won't do it unless I offer my entire hand. If I offer just a finger, she acts like she's scared that she's going to fall. I still try to talk and work with her daily, but I'm scared it will stress her out even more, so I can't do much with her.

I worked with her mate, Ocean, as well, but he was more shy. But he now steps up confidently, and is learning tricks!

But what happened to my Jellybean? Any suggestions are welcome! Thank you for any help!

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May 06, 2013
READ!! Additional Info On The Parrotlets From The Question
by: Sarah

I bought the Parrotlets together *as a pair.* And they both got along great. I could tell when I bought them that they were both quite young. You could see that they had bonded.

May 06, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hello there I read your posting and wanted to share that sometimes when you have ONE parrot and then you BRING another one home, it can go in many different directions. Your parrot has feelings and maybe territorial so if this is the case the new partner may be the worst thing that could have happened to him/her. It was considered an INVASION and of course Parrots DO have feelings, they miss, they hurt, they think, they learn, they strike back. Keep them separated. Work each one individually. We has a Sun Conure for almost a year and then we bought an Indian Ringneck and they live, eat and play separately. We have never forced either one on each other. They respect each others space an show no aggression but we don't take chances either. It may be easier to have a pair when they are really baby, right out of the EGG! lol. They can grow up together..

May 06, 2013
my two parrolettes
by: chaydel

My experience with these birds:

Brother and sister. The sister was very combative and the brother was a jewel. My mistake: I did not put them in separate cages. Indirectly: I think she was the cause for his early demise.


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