What if my female conure has become very agressive toward other people and not me?

by Alina

Well, my female tourquiose conure has been very agressive towards other people, and when they approach me when Kiwi the bird, is on the ground, she charges at them! One time she bit my mom's and sister's toe and drew blood. She also lunges at the people to! Please help, although it is a good self defense when a bad guy comes.

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Mar 27, 2010
What if my female conure has become very agressive toward other people and not me?
by: Linda

There are some training resources on the Parrot Training page, and you may wish to take a look at them. Also, keep your bird up off the floor as it is a dirty, dangerous place for a bird. Even if you clean house all the time, birds are very sensitive to any kind of bacteria and/or toxin, and the kinds brought in on people's shoes can be deadly--like anti-freeze, oil, gas and all the stuff picked up in parking lots and stores. Our homes are NEVER really clean as we think they are, and that's just life. If her wings are not clipped, now is the time to take her into an Avian Vet to have that done as well as a good overall checkup. Have them clip ONLY THE 6 LONG PRIMARY FEATHERS AT THE END OF THE WINGS. There is no need to clip any further up, and it hurts the birds and makes them fall like a rock instead of being able to glide down to the ground.

Your bird needs some training, and BEFORE YOU EVEN THINK OF STARTING, please go ahead and take her into the Avian Vet for a checkup and a little blood work to make sure she is healthy enough to start training. Work with her yourself, and after she has learned a few things, allow others to work with her. This will be a MUST in her training as she has to get used to other people being able to handle her. All birds need to be willing to allow other people to handle them because sometimes we have to be gone on trips or to hospital and they will have to have other caretakers during those times.Make sure people you choose understand what to do when and if they are bit. Move gently INTO the bird, and NEVER, EVER jerk away from a bird's bite as they hold on tighter and bite will be much, much worse. Have only people who are used to birds work with her, so all the good work does not go down the drain.

So, look at the training info here, and you can also look at other resources on the internet. I'd start here because you may just find exactly what you need that will work for you and your little bird.

Thanks for writing,

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