What is in my food dish?

by Jean

Heckle on the right and Jeckle on the left

Heckle on the right and Jeckle on the left

I recently obtained two lovebirds. They are young and doing great.I call them Heckle and Jeckle. This is my first experience with lovebirds.
I did a lot of research and checked with the local vet which takes care of birds. We have two avian vets close by so a lot of good information.

They were not in the same cage when I bought them so used two cages side by side to let them get used to each other. After about a week I put them in their large cage together. The lighter one of the two Heckle is in charge but they are getting along great.

I decided I wanted to get them on one of the pellet foods that my vet recommended so did some research and started a little at a time. At first they played with the stuff and threw it around. They still had seed and of course loved that best. I have been using the pellets in the morning, removing the seed at night when I put them to bed.

They have been a riot. Throwing little temper tantrums, scratching in their food dish hoping to find the seed. They rattle the dish, go up to their favorite perch and pout a little and then come back down. I think they have been giving me dirty looks. I used their favorite food cup for the pellets. I read to do this a little at a time but these guys really took to it well. First the green one Jeckle and not to be out done the lighter one started eating the pellets today.

I was at home for several days as to keep and eye on them and how interesting. In the afternoon I put a mixture of seed and pellets in and they are eating that also. After 10 days they now eat the pellets off and on all day. They get fresh veggies and fruit also and the vet said they look great.

Really enjoying these guys.

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Apr 01, 2018
Rudy my lovey....
by: Cynthia

I recently brought my love bird home. I went to the bird farm when they were open to be with him all I could. When I brought him home he was wonderful, then I let him on my shoulder. Everything changed more dominant and sassy. So now he is not allowed on my shoulder. Believe me to retrain him was not easy but now he is that sweet little lovey I brought home. He doesn't nip as much and he knows I'm the boss!!! Lol

Nov 12, 2009
by: Lisa

I'm also glad you did your research. Most people don't. Your birds have a good home.

Mar 04, 2009
Update on Heckle and Jeckle
by: Jean

These guys continue to do well and are a joy to have around. They have stayed healthy. They are tame but the female can get a little protective of the cage. She will challege you when taking things from the cage, a very brave little bird.
They have not laid any eggs........thank goodness. Their housemates the parakeets Mickey and Minnie are keeping me busy with babies.I did not plan to have any birds breeding but the parakeets had a different idea this year.
I do keep their light source to about 8 hours a day with a timer. They eat pellets well and do get some seed,fruit and veggies.
They really are fun to watch play. Their favorite are little wooden flower pot shapped pots made from dowels that I found at the craft store. I put things like seed and pellets in them and they have fun with them. They also like plastic bottle tops. They carry them all over the cage.

Sep 01, 2008
love birdS
by: Anonymous

My Love bird he will tack his seeds and wash them in his water dish then eat them or trow them at me he makes me happy and every moring he will do thes dance and song amd when I get back from work he das it and then I let him out then the cat run for it the bird thinks its a dog I think some times y did I tack the love bord from my frend for but I love him all the same he will whach TV or if I put youtube on and here hears the birds on the PC he goes crazy

Apr 23, 2008
Update on Heckle and Jeckle
by: Jean

UpDate on Heckle and Jeckle

These guys are doing great. Heckle the one with the most red on her face gaurds the pellet dish and always eats first. That one seems to be the boss. They both really like the pellets. They still eat seed but eat the pellets in the morning and through out the day. I now keep the seed and the pellets in at all times. I guess I was lucky in switching them. They eat about half of their diet in pellets, also eat the seed daily as well as dried and fresh fruit and veggies.

When I started them on the pellets that is all they had in the morning. Seems they are still on the same schedule even if the seed is on the other side in a cup all the time. I only use spray millet for training as that seems like a very big treat to them.

They were not totally tame when I got them but are really getting much better. They see me with the millet and hop right on my hand. I started with a perch and then changed to just my hand. They are very entertaining but they do take time and some understanding. Glad I have them and very glad I did the research before getting them.

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