What is my parrot doing

by Julieann
(San Jose ca)

Why is my female eclectus hiding under my bed and has her butt in the air ?

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Dec 06, 2013
Lola- eclectus parrot
by: Julie

Thank you for your feedback. last night was the first time she was under it. I should not say under that was not a good explanation. my bed is lifted off the ground and the box spring is sealed and my boyfriends shirt was half way sticking out She was on his shirt and its dark where the shirt was.. She has become really attached to him. I feel like she is nesting as well. I have two parrots one male and one female. the are allowed to roam the house when we are home. he female some times sleeps on he own pillow above my boyfriends pillow we do not wear shoes in the house. The birds are trained to go back to the cage when they need to use the restroom

Dec 06, 2013
Parrot hiding under bed
by: Tracie

Your parrot may be in nesting mode, but allowing your bird to be under you bed is dangerous. Your bird should never be on the floor, unless you have a bird safe room that you take your shoes off when you go in and everything in the room is bird safe.

You can bring in wild bird diseases on your shoes, you could step on your bird, your bird could chew something toxic, and your bird could get trapped in the springs of your bed or furniture.

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